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LEGO Fortnite Vendetta Flopper Epic And Legendary

Where to catch the Epic Vendetta Flopper in LEGO Fortnite as well as tips for catching the Legendary Vendetta Flopper variant for the trophy

The Gone Fishin’ update for LEGO Fortnite introduces over a dozen types of fishes to the ecosystem, across species and sub-species. One of the rarest of them all is the Vendetta Flopper which can be found in Epic rarity, as well as a Legendary variant for mounting as a trophy. This LEGO Fortnite guide is all about the location of the Vendetta Flopper and the best methods to guarantee catching it as often as possible.


LEGO Fortnite Vendetta Flopper Location

The Epic Vendetta Flopper is the only base Epic rarity species of fish in LEGO Fortnite. While most other fish can be found in multiple locations, the Vendetta Flopper is exclusively found in the small pools located inside of Caves in the Grasslands biome, as well as even more rarely in the Caves in the Frostlands biome.

Bear in mind that not all Caves even have pools, so don’t give up. It might help to have a Survival Compass in your Equipment to help with locating Caves. Make sure you bring along two Fishing Rods in case of breakage, but also for glitching as mentioned below, as well as Bait Buckets of Epic or Rare quality.

Neither time of day nor weather has any effect on Vendetta Flopper spawn rates.




LEGO Fortnite Vendetta Flopper Farming

Lego Fortnite Fishing Rod
Lego Fortnite Fishing Rod

The Vendetta Flopper shares its loot table with two other fish at its Cavepool location: the ultra common Orange Flopper, and the Blue Slurp Fish. In order to maximize your chances of getting the Vendetta Flopper over the other two, make use of an Epic Fishing Rod, or at the very least a Rare Fishing Rod.

If nothing else, rod selection helps with durability while fishing, as well as speed of the fishing animations, which is especially useful when you’re farming for fish. There are some helpful tips and glitches listed below in their own section as well.

As far as bait goes, while you can use blue Rare Bait Buckets, you should save any and all purple or Epic Bait Buckets for these Cave pools, as it is the only place where using it makes any sense: there are no other Epic fish species, nor places where they can be fished. Every Epic Bait Bucket can give you up to 15 fishes to catch. That’s 15 opportunities to catch an Epic or Legendary fish.

Once you run out of purple Bait Buckets, you can fall back on the blue Bait Buckets for similar results. Rare Bait Buckets can give you between 8-12 fishes to catch, or an average of 10 each bucket.

The last two bucket rarities are potentially a waste of time, as the chances of catching an Epic Vendetta Flopper with them, dwindle significantly.

In a pinch, you can absolutely catch the Vendetta Flopper without either the best rod or even any bait at all, but having them both vastly improves your odds.

Catching your first Vendetta Flopper automatically unlocks the Rare Reflection Charm recipe back at the Crafting Bench.




LEGO Fortnite Legendary Vendetta Flopper Fishing Tips

The Legendary Vendetta Flopper is even more rare than the base Epic variant. As mentioned above, weigh the odds in your favor by both using an Epic Fishing Rod and tossing in an Epic Bait Bucket.

You can recognize that a catch is Legendary as the pool swirls around much wider as you begin to reel in the fish. The chime at the end is unique as well.

While fishing, let the rod hook something, reel it in, and as soon as the ‘Reel!’ prompt fades away on screen, quickly switch to another tool such as the sword, then switch back to the Fishing Rod to continue fishing with it. Your catch, whatever it may be, will be on the surface of the water for collection whenever you want it. But you will also have skipped the entire animation of reeling in your prize, looking at it, and putting it away, before being able to cast the line again. As long as you make the switch at some point during the animation, this will shave several seconds of precious time while fishing. This works anywhere, in any biome.

Sometimes your Bait Bucket will not deploy properly and just bounces off of the water and remains on the surface for you to pick up. This is because the water is too shallow. Try aiming and throwing it at slightly different spots till it gets in there, or try an entirely different pool nearby.

Shallow water doesn’t prevent your from fishing normally, without the Bait Bucket fishing hole.

If the Cave pool you have found is both tiny and already has a natural fishing hole, but it’s the wrong rarity, you can do a couple of things about it:

Fish it out completely. Just keep fishing the bait area until it is exhausted of fish.

Attempt to aim and throw a Bait Bucket at different pinpoints till it gets in the pool and cancels out the pre-baited fishing hole. Difficult to accomplish, but doesn’t hurt to try.

Throw the Bait Bucket dead center of the existing baited fishing hole. This can also cancel it out, but can very rarely glitch and lose you your Bait Bucket completely.


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That’s everything to know about fishing for the Epic Vendetta Flopper and its Legendary in LEGO Fortnite.

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