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LEGO Fortnite How To Make The Spyglass

A guide to the materials and process for crafting the Spyglass in the new Gone Fishin’ update for LEGO Fortnite

The Spyglass in LEGO Fortnite is going to come in handy as you explore the open world map in the new update for the game. Here’s how to go about getting a hold of it. The process isn’t that hard and requires things you’ll probably already have access to at this point in the game.


LEGO Fortnite How To Find Glass

The first step to getting the recipe for the Spyglass is getting some Glass.

Grab your Shovel and head on over to the Dry Valley or desert biome, though a sandy beachfront would also work as a source.

Dig up some Sand, at least 8 in total for a Spyglass, and take it to a Metal Smelter.

The recipe for Glass requires 2 Sand for each Brightcore in order to craft a single pane of Glass, so you’ll need 4 of the latter as well.




LEGO Fortnite How To Craft The Spyglass

Acquiring Glass in your inventory unlocks the Spyglass recipe over at the Crafting Bench.

Aside from the 4 Glass, you’ll need a single Knotroot Rod.

If you’ve forgotten how to get the latter, here’s a quick reminder: caves in the Grasslands biome have the knotted roots you’ll need to fell with an Uncommon Forest Axe or better in order to harvest Knotroots.

Take those over to a Lumber Mill for processing into Knotroot Rods, at a ratio of one for one.


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That’s all there is to crafting the Spyglass in LEGO Fortnite.

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