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LEGO Fortnite How To Craft The Uncommon Fishing Rod

A guide to the materials and process for making the Uncommon Fishing Rod in the new Gone Fishin’ update for LEGO Fortnite

Ready to take your fishing to the next level in LEGO Fortnite? The Uncommon Fishing Rod is a step up from the ordinary Common Fishing Rod in durability and catch speed. This guide is for the Uncommon Fishing Rod’s unlock and recipe, and even some tips on acquiring the harder to come by ingredients among them.


LEGO Fortnite How To Craft The Uncommon Fishing Rod

This level 2 Fishing Rod needs nothing more than Knotroot Rod in your inventory, and a level 2 Crafting Bench to put everything together, in order to unlock the recipe. As for the ingredients themselves, you will need 3 Cord, 2 Knotroot Rod, 1 Silk Thread, and 3 Wolf Claw.

If you’ve forgotten how to get the latter, here’s a quick reminder:

Grassland Wolves drop these as loot on being killed in the Grasslands biome.

Knotrood Rods are made by putting 1 Knotroot into the Lumber Mill, at a ratio of one to one.

Silk Thread comes from refining Silk at a Spinning Wheel, also one for one.

Lastly, Cord is made at the Spinning Wheel by twisting 5 Vines for each Cord.




LEGO Fortnite How To Use The Uncommon Fishing Rod

You can just walk on over to the edge of any body of water and cast your line to start fishing. The Common Fishing Rod will hook any number of things from under the water, not just fish, including Vine, Wood, and even the occasional Llama.

Upgrading your Fishing Rod rarity primarily raises its durability, and catch speed. It also slightly increases your chances of catching fish over junk, as well as rarity of the fish itself (not to be confused with species of the fish) which benefits from a minimum Fishing Rod rarity.

In order to speed up the rate at which you catch a bite even further and guarantee that you always hook fish rather than items, you can try fishing at the four different types of fishing holes, which are the colored circles in the water. While they can naturally occur in your world if you’re lucky, if you aren’t, you can also toss out Bait Buckets of a given rarity into the water and make your very own fishing hole.

The combination of the right Fishing Rod rarity and the right Bait Bucket rarity can almost guarantee a higher chance to hook the right Fish rarity, if you’re aiming for something in particular, but bear in mind that biome and location also play a major role in Fish species.


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That’s all there is to crafting the Uncommon Fishing Rod in LEGO Fortnite.

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