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Lightyear Frontier Update Patch Notes June 28

Early Access farming sim with mechs, Lightyear Frontier, gets a major update on June 26 and subsequent patches on PC and Xbox





Patch Notes June 28 (v 0.2.671.0) June 28


Howdy, exofarmers!

We’re over-the-moon excited seeing y’all enjoy the Making it Home update! As always, we’ve been listening to your feedback and thanks to y’all, we’ve been able to locate and squash a couple of bugs with this patch.



  • Updated the Merchant's license plate
  • Swiftplumes have a new idle animation
  • Reduced performance impact of harvesting lots of plants at once with the Vacuum Harvester
  • Added new interact animation for when the Exofarmer is not holding any tools
  • Increased drop rate of Hardwood from trees and reduced Hardwood's weight


Bug fixes

  • Fixed keyboard and mouse button icons being used on Xbox in many places, even when using a gamepad
  • Fixed issue where the Laugh emote wouldn't hide your equipped tool in Photo Mode and when seen by others
  • Fixed multiplayer issue where trees, rocks and other destructible objects could desynchronize between players
  • Fixed the "Time of Day" Photo Mode setting not working
  • Improved collision on Barn, fixing issue where posters could not be built on certain walls
  • Fixed Woven Garden Wall and Boarded Garden Wall not being saved
  • Fixed P.I.C.K.-Axe VFX sometimes continuing to play after entering the mech
  • Fixed issue where Morning Drapes could dive straight into the ground, instead of just while over the water
  • Added geometry to the backside of the fuse slots inside a late game area
  • Fixed plants dropping extra harvest upon withering
  • Potentially fixed issue where you could sometimes get stuck in the Upgrade Depot
  • Fixed issue where animals could walk up to the Merchant Landing Pad and block Merchant from spawning
  • Fixed several issues related to the alteration of landscape materials and grass (paths, constructs, fields, etc.), especially in multiplayer
  • Fixed issue where Pondpitcher Sprouts could not be put into any storage building
  • Fixed issue where certain text elements in the Tractor Mode menu were not center-aligned
  • Fixed issue where the Medium option for UI Text Size setting was not showing the correct font style format
  • Fixed issue where holding the interact button while opening storage would also immediately open the sorting menu
  • Fixed Mech Modules not showing “P.I.C.K.-Axe required” prompt when looking at them with a different tool equipped


Steer your mech on over to our Discord server and let us know if we missed any bugs, or report them using the in-game feedback tool. Together we make the Frontier the best it can be!
Happy farmin’ and explorin’!

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Making it Home Update (v 0.2.644.0) June 26


Howdy exofarmers!

The team has been hard at work, grindin’ out lots of excitin’ changes and new items for our first update, and it’s finally here for y’all to dig your P.I.C.K. Axes into! We’re incredibly grateful for all of your feedback and suggestions – and with the Making it Home update, we’ve tackled some of your most requested features!



  • Added Emotes to both the Exofarmer and the Mech


Photo Mode

  • Added 8 new settings
    • Added 18 new stamp options and more positions
    • Changed the "Cinematic Mode" setting to "Frame" and added 4 additional options
    • And more!
  • Now pauses time if playing in single-player


Quality of Life

  • Added ability to quick deposit items into storage constructs
  • Added ability to relocate existing constructs and holograms, accessible via the recycling mode
  • Added ability to sort items in storages and player inventory
  • Added auto-run feature
  • Added ability to place stamps in the Map Menu
  • Added information on the map what tool upgrades are needed for progression
  • Added inventory weight indicator to the HUD
  • You can now put items into holograms and storage constructs by picking them up and physically moving them there with the P.I.C.K-Axe
  • Added "Hands" option to the Exofarmer Tool Wheel
  • Made it clearer when new findings are found while exploring ruins
  • Added a tutorials section to the Database menu
  • Increased Lola's visiting hours



  • Added accessibility settings for "Single-stick Camera" and "Swap Sticks"
  • Separated "Ambience" and "UI" into their own volume settings (Were previously affected by "SFX")
  • Made controller vibration adjustable in a range instead of a simple toggle
  • [PC] Added support for AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2)
  • [PC] Added support for Intel® Xe Super Sampling (XeSS). Only available when using DX12
  • [PC] Added graphical setting preset (Low, Medium, High, Frame Breaking)
  • [Steam] Added graphical setting preset (Steam deck)
  • [Steam Deck] Added support for automatically showing a Virtual Keyboard when relevant
  • [Steam Deck] Updated default settings for a smoother experience out of the box
  • [PC] Removed ineffective dynamic resolution settings
    • These settings didn't do anything since Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t support dynamic resolution on PC
  • [PC] Adjusted anti-aliasing settings
    • "Medium" is now fast TAA (temporal anti-aliasing)
    • "High" is now high quality TAA with reduced ghosting
    • "Frame Breaking" is now very high quality TAA with significantly reduced ghosting and massively improved image quality with reduced resolution scales, but a sizable performance impact



  • Added wall-mounted decorations
  • New decorations and mech parts can be found at Lola’s shop
  • Bush Sprouts are available at Lola’s shop
  • New decorations can be found by discovering items
  • The Gnome is now paintable


Visual polish

  • Added Exofarmer animations when moving in the Mech
  • Fuel and speed gauges on the Mech are now animated
  • The moon is now a unique model instead of a white dot
  • The mech will now lean slightly in its turn direction when running
  • Constructs built on flat surfaces will no longer have a foundation
  • Holograms and Storage constructs now play an animation when items are added to them
  • Updated the textures for the Clothesline and made it paintable
  • Updated clover visuals
  • Updated the landscape grass texture
  • Tweaked physics of loose items to be somewhat less bouncy



  • Significantly optimized shaking of destructible objects being damaged. Could previously cause severe performance drops on certain systems, e.g. Steam Deck


Various changes

  • Made daytime longer
  • Looking at objects requiring a tool now reveals the required upgrade
  • Wildlife now goes to sleep later
  • The Egg treasure model has been replaced with a Pinecorn
  • Removed the ability for Storage buildings to provide Coziness
  • Hid clock HUD element while in a late-game area


Bug fixes

  • Fixed the "PIP-3R Ambient Dialogue" setting not being saved between play sessions
  • Added even more measures to resolve upgrades not being applied for clients
  • Made the DLC entitlement check more reliable on Xbox and Windows Store
  • Fixed bug where Wingleaf Palm didn't drop sprouts
  • Fixed issue where Mission objectives weren't sorted correctly
  • Fixed bug where the merchant wares were unlocking faster than the intended design
  • Fixed issue where AI navigation would sometimes choose very strange paths
  • The Ranch Arch construct now correctly contributes to Coziness
  • Fixed clients being able to shoot more seeds than they have in their inventory if doing so rapidly
  • Clients can no longer join sessions where the host has not finished loading the game world
  • In-world location indicators are now more responsive
  • Constructs being interacted with can no longer be recycled
  • Added missing physical material to all types of foliage
  • Fixed performance dropping significantly when moving the mouse and changing a photo mode setting simultaneously
  • Fixed several minor issues regarding loading, saving and adjustment of game settings
  • Fixed actions not working when being rebound to certain keys
  • Fixed Fractalite deposits not shaking when damaged
  • Fixed depth of field, vignette and film grain effects not working in photo mode when using lower post-processing settings
  • Fixed issue where the Exofarmer's head rotation could not be seen by clients
  • Fixed construct menus not closing if their associated construct was destroyed
  • Fixed recycling mode UI not displaying all available actions
  • Fixed items sometimes spawning beneath the ground when recycling a construct
  • Fixed issue where the Exofarmer's upper body animations would be missing when not holding a tool
  • Reduced hitching when opening construct selection menu
  • Fixed some construct holograms appearing as partially filled before being placed
  • Fixed multiple issues with rain not falling properly or at all
  • Fixed menus closing when the merchant departs if the merchant had been interacted with that day
  • Fixed construct holograms accepting contributions even before being placed. These items would disappear if the placement was cancelled
  • Fixed fences reverting to their default paint after having been targeted for recycling
  • Improved collision on multiple constructs
  • Players can no longer interact with objects that are behind solid geometry
  • Fixed construct recycling conditions not appearing to update properly sometimes, e.g. when a player stops interacting with a construct
  • Fixed the crafting time of the first Grinder recipe crafted on a given day not being correctly affected by wind speed
  • Fixed mech engine sounds and exhaust effects often not triggering properly


We hope y’all are gonna love this update as much as we do! Steer your mech on over to our Discord server and let us know what y’all think. If you run into any troubles, be sure to holler using the in-game feedback tool – it really helps us out!
See y’all in the Frontier!

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Hot Fix April 17 (v.0.1.430.0)

Achievement unlock now fixed!


Hey, Exofarmers!

Quick update from the team here!
Our April 15 patch caused issues with achievements no longer unlocking which we aim to fix in this very hot hot fix 🔥
All achievements that were completed but didn't unlock should now do so when starting the game again after this patch ✅
Let us know if those lil shy achievements did indeed finally decide to show themselves here on Steam forums or over on our Discord!
Happy farming, folks!


Lightyear Frontier Update Patch Notes v0.1.407.0 Apr 15


Those are the patch notes on June 28 for Lightyear Frontier.

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