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How To Get Granite Slab In LEGO Fortnite

A complete guide on how to get Granite Slabs and where to find the Granite to make them with in LEGO Fortnite

Granite Slabs are a basic building resource at the beginning of LEGO Fortnite, and this guide will get you through everything from where to find Granite, and how to get the Granite Slab itself.


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Where To Find Granite Ore In LEGO Fortnite

Granite ore is plentiful in the open world of LEGO Fortnite. Simply hack away with any pickaxe at the larger grey rocks and boulders scattered across the overworld, and you will break them down into its constituent Granite pieces for gathering. You will occasionally even find Granite ore simply lying around on the ground for the taking.

If you have villagers available, bring one along to speed up the mining process a bit, but only as long as they have the right equipment of course.

How To Get Granite Slabs In LEGO Fortnite

Next is transforming the Granite into Granite Slabs. This will require a Stone Breaker, which only unlocks when your village is at level 5. This will require:

  • 20 Knotroot
  • 35 Marble (just ore not Marble Slabs)

Once the Stone Breaker is up and running, set Granite Slab as the active recipe in it, and place all your Granite ore in there as well. Each Granite ore is worth one Granite Slab.

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Since Granite Slabs are a fairly important resource, do not hesitate to build an additional Stone Breaker to match your needs. Stone Breakers also come in handy to produce Marble Slabs from Marble ore, and much later in the game: Obsidian Slabs from Obsidian ore, so it is not a one-trick pony.

How To Use Granite Slabs

Granite Slabs are a required resource for buildings including the most critical ones of all:

Village Level 6 Upgrade

  • 20 Knotroot
  • 20 Granite Slabs

Grain Mill

  • 20 Knotroot Rod
  • 20 Granite Slab
  • 3 Shell

The Grain Mill is going to be a crucial structure in the launching of farming operations, and will grind food down, as well as spit out the seeds for your use in Garden Plots.

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