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How To Get Heavy Wool And Heavy Wool Thread In LEGO Fortnite

Where to find Heavy Wool and Heavy Wool Thread easily in LEGO Fortnite

Heavy Wool and Heavy Wool Thread are among several high-demand resources in LEGO Fortnite. This guide will show you how to get and farm both Heavy Wool and Heavy Wool Thread.

Where To Find Heavy Wool

The Epic item Heavy Wool can only be gotten from Rams, unlike regular Wool which is acquired from Sheep. Rams are the grey-brown Sheep that spawn only in the Frostlands biome. Walk up to one, pet them gently with nothing equipped in hand, and they will drop some Heavy Wool for you.

This can be quite tedious of course, so you can also tame and lure them back to your village with food, where you can then pen them within a livestock enclosure that you’ve prepared in advance. Ensure that the fencing is high enough that the Sheep won’t bound right over and escape.

Your other option is even more random: loot chests, especially those in the Frostlands biome where they have a higher drop rate, as well as Rift chests.

How To Get Heavy Wool Thread In LEGO Fortnite

Once you have Heavy Wool, you will automatically unlock the recipe for Heavy Wool Thread, which you can then craft at your Spinning Wheel.

Another method to get Heavy Wool Thread is a bit more complex and random, but doesn’t require you to have Heavy Wool to begin with. Upgrade your village to level 7 (which unlocks “Go Forth and Forage” as seen above), and assign one of your villagers a job using the following menu prompts:

  • “Let’s talk jobs!”
  • “Help the village!”
  • “Refining Jobs”
  • “Create Textiles”

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As the villager’s dialogue will remind you, you must also have a Loom or Spinning Wheel to ensure they follow through on the job. As the days go by, they will automatically generate rewards for you to collect, including Heavy Wool Thread. Simply return to the same villagers you assigned, and select the option “How’s your job?” which will display up to three rewards. Acquiring the Heavy Wool Thread will automatically unlock the underlying recipe as well.

Heavy Wool Thread Recipe LEGO Fortnite Bug

If the Heavy Wool Thread recipe still fails to unlock, this is a bug. To fix the Heavy Wool Thread recipe bug, simply put the Heavy Wool into a chest, wait a moment, and take it back out again. The Heavy Wool Thread recipe should be unlocked now.

The villager method to get Heavy Wool Thread mentioned in the previous section will also fix the Heavy Wool Thread recipe bug.

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