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How To Get Cursed Bones In LEGO Fortnite

A guide on how to easily find tough Bone Wolves and get the Cursed Bones from killing them in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite has some difficult processes involved in acquiring certain critical Epic resources. This guide will show you how to get Cursed Bones in particular, in LEGO Fortnite.


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Where To Find Cursed Bones In LEGO Fortnite

Just one specific creature can supply you with Cursed Bones, and that would be the Bone Wolf aka Cursed Wolf. While obviously related to Arctic Wolves from the Frostlands biome, Bone Wolves are completely skeletal.

Frost caves are home to Bone Wolves, but are only really accessible later on in the game once you have acquired the tools, foods, and Charms that will keep you alive in the freezing climate, let alone safe from the creatures that inhabit this biome.

Once you have the requisite equipment, make your way to a frost cave in the Frostlands, which is where you will almost always encounter a small pack of Bone Wolves. While not a particularly difficult threat, they can be hard to take down with melee due to their fairly high health and damaging lunge attack. Bring a villager companion along to help you, especially since there will usually be more than one of these wolves to contend with.


Even better would be if you could take potshots at them from the high ground, using one of the craftable crossbows. Be sure to bring lots of arrows though, as it will consume a fair amount.

Aside from Bone Wolf drops though, it is also possible to find Cursed Bones in any chests that you may stumble upon while exploring the Frostlands.

How To Use Cursed Bones In LEGO Fortnite

If you need further incentive to hunt Bone Wolves, here are two great recipes that use these Cursed Bones:

Regeneration Charm Recipe (Epic)

Regenerates health over time.

Speedy recovery.

  • 3 Heavy Wool Thread
  • 5 Cut Sapphire
  • 5 Cursed Bone
  • 1 Frost Brute Scale
  • Crafting Bench (Epic)

Gives you 5 Hearts, and 14 Armor.

How To Get Heavy Wool And Heavy Wool Thread In LEGO Fortnite

Charm of Resilience Recipe (Epic)

Grants bonus defense for a few seconds after taking damage.

The best defense is a good… defense.

Gives you 5 Hearts, and 14 Armor.

These recipes will unlock once you have acquired all of the ingredients needed to craft them, as well as both the Village level, and the Crafting Bench level required.

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