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LEGO Fortnite Cold Resistance

How to stay warm and survive the cold in LEGO Fortnite as you venture into the Frostland biome and search frozen frost caves for unique resources

Exploring the Frostlands in LEGO Fortnite will come to a sharp standstill if you are not properly equipped to handle the low temperatures. If you want to go into the cold, this guide will illustrate how to gain Cold Resistance with every single thing you can possibly do.

How To Survive The Cold In LEGO Fortnite

There are two primary methods to raise Cold Resistance and stave off the effects of the Cold:

  • Food
  • Charms

Foods are one-off consumables that grant you a time-limited measure of Cold Resistance. Charms are far more reliable and require less micromanagement since they can simply be equipped for permanent Cold Resistance and forgotten about, at least until you have to swap them out when traveling to another biome.


Food recipes will unlock fairly early on, since the ingredients are readily available. The Charms on the other hand are a mid to late-game unlock, unless you stumble upon each ingredient in a chest through sheer luck.

Secondary methods include having a Torch in hand, or building a Campfire and remaining in its vicinity, but don’t count on either to help by a lot in extreme conditions.

All Cold Resistance Food Recipes In LEGO Fortnite

Spicy Peppers and Spicy Burgers are your two consumable Foods for Cold Resistance. The effects cannot be amplified, neither with a second of the same Food type, nor with the other. Consuming a second Cold Resistance Food will simply reset the countdown timer to two minutes, but never extend it beyond that duration.

They will combine with the effects of a Charm however, visibly raising your Cold Resistance in the temperature bar under your character portrait.

Here are the Cold Resistance Food recipes:

Spicy Peppers Recipe (Rare)

Eat to heal, reduce Hunger, and temporarily increase Cold Resistance.

Don’t burn your tongue.

  • No recipe, just eat it

Gives you 02:00 minutes of Cold Resistance, 1½  Hearts, and +3 Hunger

Spicy Burger Recipe (Rare)

Eat to heal, reduce Hunger, and temporarily increase Cold Resistance.

Like a regular burger, but with a little flair.

  • 1 Flour
  • 1 Meat
  • 1 Spicy Pepper
  • Grill

Gives you 10:00 minutes of Cold Resistance, 4 Hearts, and +10 Hunger

All Cold Resistance Charm Recipes In LEGO Fortnite

Charms do not have a timer on their effects and can be combined with Foods, as well as up to two more of the same Charms (if you can afford to craft them) in order to completely negate Cold status effects. The Heart and Armor bonuses also stack. Cold Resistance Charms in combination are the best way to survive frozen 

The Cold Resistance Charm recipes are as follows:

Inner Fire Charm Recipe (Rare)

Increases resistance to cold temperatures.

Keep yourself nice and toasty.

  • 3 Wool Thread
  • 5 Cut Ruby
  • 8 Brightcore
  • 5 Blast Cores
  • Crafting Bench (Rare)

Cold Resistance, 4 Hearts, and 7 Armor

Inner Fire Charm Recipe (Epic)

Increases resistance to cold temperatures.

In this case, DON’T chill out.

Cold Resistance, 5 Hearts, and 14 Armor

What Is Cold Resistance In LEGO Fortnite

Night time is especially bad in terms of temperature in the Frostland biome, even if you make it unscathed through the day. With the temperature drop comes two status effects: Cold, or worse, Freezing.

Cold will make your character visibly shiver, and deplete a tiny bit of health every few seconds, but it is survivable by using your restorative items because of how gradually it happens. A Torch or a Campfire can also help you along.

How To Get Heavy Wool And Heavy Wool Thread In LEGO Fortnite

Freezing ramps things up to a greater degree, and can slow you down as well. You might make it out with some vigilant health management, but don’t count on it.

This is where Cold Resistance comes in, acting as another form of defense, warding off the effects of the chilly climate.

You can observe it in the top-left corner in the quarter-arc gauge under your character portrait. The further the sky blue bar moves away from the white triangle, the higher your Cold Resistance is. Another gauge is also visible right there in the Inventory where you equip Charms.

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