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How To Get Brightcore In LEGO Fortnite

Brightcore can be difficult to find in LEGO Fortnite, so here are some tips on where to find Brightcore easily

Brightcore is another Rare resource in LEGO Fortnite. If you’re struggling with where to find Brightcore in LEGO Fortnite, this is the guide for you. You will also find several relevant recipes which require Brightcore to complete.


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Where To Find Brightcore Ore In LEGO Fortnite

Brightcore ore can only be found in the Dry Valley biome, aka the desert, and specifically within lava caves. If you want to find a lava cave in LEGO Fortnite, simply check the map for cave locations and proceed to each one in turn. Within a cave, the golden-orange Brightcore growth is most likely to be discovered close to lava flow, which is going to pose a real danger to you as you jump around trying to reach it and then gather it up.

Additionally, to be able to mine Brightcore ore, you must use a Rare or better pickaxe. That will require three Flexwood Rods and three Sand Claws in order to craft.


The heat factor from being within a lava cave cannot be ignored either. So it is recommended that you get a hold of either a Rare or Epic Cool-Headed Charm. A short term solution would be eating a Snowberry for two minutes of Heat Resistance per pop.

It is very unlikely that you will ever find Brightcore ore in a desert cave without lava present in it, so you may want to move on sooner rather than later.

How To Use Brightcore In LEGO Fortnite

Mined Brightcore is a critical resource later in the game to create Charms, Copper Bars, and Iron Bars. The recipes are as follows:

Copper Bar Recipe

  • 1 Copper
  • 2 Brightcore
  • Metal Smelter

Iron Bar Recipe

  • 1 Iron
  • 2 Brightcore
  • Metal Smelter

How To Get Heavy Wool And Heavy Wool Thread In LEGO Fortnite

Inner Fire Charm Recipe (Rare)

Increases resistance to cold temperatures.

Keep yourself nice and toasty.

  • 3 Wool Thread
  • 5 Cut Ruby
  • 8 Brightcore
  • 5 Blast Cores
  • Crafting Bench (Rare)

Inner Fire Charm Recipe (Epic)

Increases resistance to cold temperatures.

In this case, DON’T chill out.

  • 3 Heavy Wool Thread
  • 30 Brightcore
  • 10 Blast Cores
  • 1 Frost Brute Scale
  • Crafting Bench (Epic)
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