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Hard Drive is a very real video games news site that you should not question. Just absorb the information as truth and move on. JK it’s satire don’t ban us.

Have an idea? Want write for Hard Drive? You can Apply here after carefully reading the instructions on this page. 

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Hard Drive History

Brief History: The Hard Times started in late 2014 with just a few punk kids, comics, and friends of Matt Saincome, Bill Conway, and Ed Saincome. The moment The Hard Times proved viable, [Matt Saincome] wanted to start a dedicated video game publication.

In 2017, The Hard Times branched out in a new gaming vertical called Hard Drive, which lived on until getting its own website in 2021. Three former Hard Times contributors in Jeremy Kaplowitz, Mike Amory, and Mark Roebuck were tapped to be cofounding editors of the section. In 2019 Hard Drive’s editors created satirical gamer presidential candidate Ace Watkins (“an idea started as a shitpost by [Editor-in-chief] Kaplowitz”), and played by comedian Phil Jamesson.

Andy Holt and Kevin Flynn served as editors under Jeremy, helping shape the brand’s voice for years. Mark Roebuck, staff writer behind many of the site’s viral hits, served as Editor-in-chief after Jeremy. Hard Times’ cofounding Editor-in-chief Matt Saincome has served as Hard Drive’s Editor-in-chief since November 2023.

Hard Drive has had 700+ contributors since its founding. It has been owned and operated by Hard Times Media LLC throughout its history.

To read more about Hard Drive’s history and founding you can check out stories here and here.

How to apply 

Come up with a pitch for one of these specific content types. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does this look like it fits the style and format of other Hard Drive articles?
  2. Am I capable of producing this content and working with Hard Drive to publish it in a timely manner?

If the answer to both of those questions is “yes,” then proceed to write 3 “entries” which would be in the body of your pitch should it be accepted. Sleep on it. Re-read it in the morning, punch it up, then you can Apply here after carefully reading the instructions on this page. 

The goal of your pitch is to allow one of our editors to get to an “easy yes.” AKA, we want to approve your idea, but you need to prove the idea is good enough to carry the article, and that you can write the body of the article without too much help. We’re happy to help, but can only afford to invest so much time into a single piece.

For topical satire headline pitches there’s no need to include anything other than the headline.

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