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Helldivers 2 Farm Pink Super Samples Or Super Uranium Fast

A guide to quickly and efficiently farming pink Super Uranium Samples fast in Helldivers 2 on Steam PC and PlayStation 5

In Helldivers 2, the pink Super Uranium Samples are in super short supply, especially with ship upgrades requiring between 5 to 10 of them, and the lowest available difficulty only yielding 3 per run. This Helldivers 2 guide is intended to show you how to farm Super Samples as efficiently as possible by quickly identifying their location on the map.

UPDATED April 16


Helldivers 2 Update Patch Notes 01.000.203 Apr 16


Helldivers 2 Super Sample Farming Difficulty Selection

Only the highest three difficulty tiers will even offer you the opportunity to loot Super Samples. While the mesa-like structure where they are found will be visible in-game and on the map on lower difficulty levels, there will be no pickups on the ground around it, for you to gather.

You will need to run missions on one of the following difficulty levels for Super Samples, with the difference between each being a greater number of sample pickups:

  • Level 7 Suicide Mission
    • 3 Super Samples
  • Level 8 Impossible
    • 5 Super Samples
  • Level 9 Helldive
    • 7 Super Samples




Helldivers 2 Super Sample Farming Best Loadout

Run Light Armor, not just for the high Speed and Stamina Regen, but also for the Armor Passive: Scout, which will radar scan the map every few seconds around the area where you have placed markers.

You may find that other Armor types can also ping and scan the minimap for places of interest, but this seems broken in the game, and fails for some players, but not for others.


Helldivers 2 Find Super Samples Fast

Find some cover and open up your minimap. Zoom in and scan around for a roundish silvery blob, which is what the Super Sample structure looks like from above. If it is what you hope, hovering over it will definitely identify it as a “Minor Place of Interest”. Mark the location and make a beeline for it.

Once you get used to recognizing the outline on the map, you’ll be able to identify it correctly every single time. If scanning gets too annoying, spam-pinging the map can also work to uncovers places of interest.

Note that a couple of Operation Modifiers either disable or glitch the ability to scan and ping for places of interest, regardless of Armor Passive. This includes map obscuring modifiers such as “Atmospheric Spores”, as well as others like “Orbital Fluctuations”.

Keep in mind that only one of these sites exist on each map, with the other similar looking short mesas actually being fake-outs guarded by enemies.


New Law Prohibits Giving Food or Drink to Players Waiting to Play Helldivers 2


That’s everything you can do to quickly and efficiently farm pink Super Uranium Samples in Helldivers  2.

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