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Helldivers 2 Farm Free Super Credits

Can’t afford to buy Super Credits in Helldivers 2? This guide will help with farming free Super Credits on Steam PC and PlayStation 5

Super Credits are one of three distinct currencies in Helldivers 2. They are the monetization currency in the game, intended for keeping the developers in business while they continue updating the game, and are usually bought with real world money. The Super Credits can then be spent on Armor from the Super Store, as well as the Premium Warbonds, which are effectively mini Battle Passes in Helldivers 2. Even so, these Super Credits can still be earned in-game for free with a little bit of farming and grinding. Find out how to farm Super Credits for free in this Helldivers 2 guide.

UPDATED April 16


Helldivers 2 Update Patch Notes 01.000.203 Apr 16


Helldivers 2 Free Super Credits Farming

Ideally you will undertake missions on Trivial, so that you can breeze through the objectives quickly while focusing on exploring the map for farming both Super Credits and whatever else you want. Places of Interest will not be guarded by enemies, and everything will just chug along smoother. It is also believed that Trivial difficulty makes the map more condensed, with Places of Interest positioned closer to each other, and eliminating some of the emptiness between areas. Lastly, the loot table will be less populated with the various Samples.

With mission selection, opt for anything at all, but preferably nothing involving swarms or waves. Again, you want to wrap up the primary objective quickly and move on to more important things. Desert maps are ideal for being relatively flat and uncluttered, allowing for fast map traversal and identification of Places of Interest. However, the Intense Heat status effect or debuff can tax your stamina, so it’s a bit of a balancing act.




Next, the premium currency nature of the Super Credits also means that once you collect them, they are immediately added to your account itself. Which means that you don’t even need to properly extract from the mission to accrue them. If you haven’t picked up anything of note besides Super Credits, or are just farmed out on everything else, or simply have a hard focus on Super Credits, then you can just abandon the mission. You will still have your collected Super Credits, as well as any Medals, in your possession. This will save you the precious time involving extraction screens, reward screens, and whatever else, all of which can be quite lengthy.

Abandoning the mission will lose Requisition Slips, Samples, and any experience gained, or everything listed in the counters at the top-right of the screen. Only do this on planets with zero, or a very low liberation rating, so as not to set back the progress of other players trying to achieve freedom with their precious victory points.


Helldivers 2 Best Stratagems For Super Credits Farming

As far as Stratagems and loadout goes, opt for light armors, extra impact grenades, and bring the Lift-850 Jump Pack. This will allow you to traverse the map quickly between Places of Interest, and afford you the ability to blow open containers for the loot inside.

In the event that you have no grenades to deploy, make use of any available explosive red barrels to get the job done, by positioning them and shooting.

The Autocannon Stratagem is even better, if you have it unlocked.


Helldivers 2 Find Places Of Interest

You can ignore most of the side objectives, but if you get the radar tower, finding and completing it will mark all the Places of Interest on your map with a diamond symbol indicating pickups at those locations. As you cycle through those points and clear them all, a new symbol will appear for the next set of pickups.

Without the radar tower, you can also simply zoom in on your map, and try to identify geometrical outlines amidst the natural topography. These are structures and facilities, Places of Interest where you are most likely to find caches of pickups like Medals and Super Credits.

Another tip is if you just tap the silhouette of something on the map that looks like it might be a Place of Interest, you can get instant feedback because it will be highlighted automatically. You could also spam tap randomly around the map until you hit pay dirt.

If you’re in physical proximity to something interesting it will appear on your compass at the top of the screen as a question mark. Once the Place of Interest has been found, the question mark will disappear.


Helldivers 2 Co-op Super Credits Farming

Ideally you would run these farming missions in a team to maximize your potential while not being bored out of your gourd. Breeze through the objectives, and then fan out in different directions in search of facilities to ping for the group. Having at least one buddy along would also help with opening the double doors of bunkers, which can often be a trove of pickups, and with Super Credits specifically, as many as three per point.

Every player receives Medals and Super Credits, regardless of which player actually picked it up. It is not a shared pool that is distributed evenly between squad mates, rather each and every member receives the sum total of Medals and Super Credits picked up.

The above is true even if the mission is failed, at which point the only pickups lost are Samples, which must be extracted.


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That’s everything you can do to farm Super Credits for free in Helldivers 2.

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