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Helldivers 2 Stuck On Ship Loading Screen

Another patch, another bug in Helldivers 2, so here’s what to do about the stuck on ship loading screen issue on Steam PC and PlayStation 5

A new persistent connection error has cropped up in Helldivers 2, and it is freezing players either aboard their ship when solo, or stuck in drop pod when loading in on a friend. This Helldivers 2 guide is a collection of every known solution to the problem and possible reasons why.

UPDATED April 16


Helldivers 2 Update Patch Notes 01.000.203 Apr 16


Helldivers 2 Stuck On Ship Loading Screen

The symptoms of this new issue appear to share similarities with both the “Defrosting Helldiver” infinite loading screen, and the black screen on startup bug. A number of fixes for both have some overlap with this bug. Listed below are solutions from painless to the most complex.


Watch The Entire Intro Cutscene

For some reason, players are reporting that watching the entirety of the intro video has consistently avoided freezing issues. This is possibly because the game will have adequate time to establish server communications in the background.


byu/chungusbuster666 from discussion


Reboot Your Device

Whether on PlayStation 5 or PC, the simplest fix has always been to restart your machine and get a fresh start. If there are any  local network connectivity issues, this should resolve them as well. Failing that, you can proceed on to more advanced measures.




Verify Game Files

That most common fix for games that are experiencing technical issues. A corrupted installation is said to be the cause of the issue for some players on both PlayStation 5 and Steam PC. You may want to either perform a fresh install, or simply use the “Verify integrity of game files” function by right-clicking Helldivers 2 -> Properties -> Installed Files. Here’s a detailed guide to verifying game file integrity from Steam itself.

As an added aside, always make sure the game is updated. Since Helldivers 2 is an online-only, Games-as-a-Service (GaaS) title, if your game version isn’t synced with the server, you will not be able to login properly.


Reset Config File

You can force the game to reset its settings to default. Navigate to C:\Users\[your PC name]\AppData\Roaming\Arrowhead\Helldivers2 and rename user_settings.config to user_settings.config.old or anything of your choice. This will create the config file anew, and should resolve the stuck on loading screen glitch.


Potential Black Screen fix
byu/Aureum_Castrum inHelldivers


While users on the SteamCommunity that have had success with this method generally recommend deleting the file, you’re better off renaming it just to be safe.


Disable Firewall

Firewall interference has been noted as the cause of the issue for some players, and temporarily turning it off or creating an exception for Helldivers 2 is a potential fix. If security is a concern, the firewall can be turned back on after successfully loading into a mission.


Disable VPN

Players with VPNs may want to skip the middleman for once, as it is known to trip up server connectivity in Helldivers 2. If the VPN is vital to your online security, try switching to another city or country.


Change DNS Server

DNS servers perform IP lookups, and your default DNS server may not be all that reliable, especially if it is offered by your internet service provider. You can try Cloudflare’s DNS services with and

Here are several more DNS server options to choose from.


Disable IPv6

A more technical fix than most of us would like, nonetheless it has had success for many players as a last resort. According to multiple redditors, disabling IPv6, and falling back on IPv4 works 100% of the time for instances where no other solution worked.


byu/DaD_main from discussion


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That’s just about everything you can do to resolve the stuck on ship loading screen issue in Helldivers 2.

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