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Helldivers 2 Skip Queues

Solve your Helldivers 2 queue and connectivity problems with this guide to skipping both issues entirely on Steam PC and PlayStation 5

Days since release, Helldivers 2 players continue to experience all kinds of connectivity issues to the game’s online servers. And even when loaded in to the game, you can expect queues and wait times if you’re unlucky. But there is a way to glide right past both game loading issues as well as in-game wait times. Read this Helldivers 2 guide to find out more.


Helldivers 2 Queues And Limits

If you weren’t already aware, Helldivers 2 has two different caps placed on player connectivity numbers. The first is the number of players that can connect per minute, which is currently 20K, after being raised from 10K. The second is the concurrent player count which is currently capped at 450K, from a previous maximum of 360K (earlier 250K). These numbers are shared by both supported platforms: Steam PC and PlayStation 5.

SteamDB numbers indicate that just on Steam PC, Helldivers 2 has a peak concurrent player count of 411K, leaving precious few slots for PlayStation 5 players. And those PC numbers can only go up from here, despite all the problems the game has at this time.

While there are other fixes for the various queue/limit associated error messages such as “Servers at capacity. Please try again later” and “Login limit reached. Please wait to be let in” and “Defrosting Helldiver”, there is one method that cuts to the chase almost every single time. 

Outlined below are two methods: one that requires friends, and one that works without. With either method, if you run into any of the aforementioned error messages, simply try again and more often than not it will resolve itself.




Helldivers 2 Skip Queues With Friends

On Steam PC, do NOT launch Helldivers 2. Instead find the profile of an Online friend who has already successfully connected to Helldivers 2, and select Join Game. This will boot up the game automatically and load you directly into their ship after a brief black screen, lasting up to a minute.


byu/chungusbuster666 from discussion


On PlayStation 5, you can join a friend that has successfully loaded into the game, either though an invite, or manually from their profile or party screens. PlayStation 5 players can also attempt the method mentioned in the following Reddit post:


byu/Venomouspain- from discussion


This method works even in CrossPlay using invites, but is one-way only at this time: PlayStation players can receive invites from Steam PC players, but not the other way around. The Steam PC player must also set status to Online for the invite to be received.


Reminder: you can bypass the queue if you have a friend online
byu/ScrubWithaBanjo inHelldivers


The working theory is that either there is a social priority given to friends, especially since Helldivers 2 is an inherently social, co-op game, or that this is an unforeseen exploit of systems intended to allow squadmates that crash out to quickly rejoin a session.


Helldivers 2 Skip Queues Without Friends

Steam PC players can find a step by step guide to skip Helldivers 2 queues without a friend according to this Steam Community forum post. To clarify the method:

  • Ensure that Helldivers 2 is NOT running
  • Find a random forum poster on the Steam Community board for Helldivers 2 with a green outline around their profile pic: this indicates that they are Online currently.
  • Click their profile, and look on the right side for “Currently In-Game”. Ideally they will be playing Helldivers 2, so go ahead and click the green button below it that reads “Join Game”.
  • Helldivers 2 will automatically boot up, as that button is a steam://joinlobby link.
  • Don’t panic if you see a black screen, as that’s normal. Wait a beat or two, and you should be able to launch directly into the game.

Your mileage may vary on your first try, so don’t hesitate to make a second attempt if it seems like you’re hung on a black screen for too long.

There are even people reporting getting past the concurrent player cap of 450K after being denied with this method, though there is no way to accurately determine if a slot simply opened up during the brief wait time.

If the forums don’t work, try the looking-for-group (LFG) services on Reddit and both official and unofficial Discord servers for the game.


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That’s how to queue skip in Helldivers 2 on Steam PC and PlayStation 5.

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