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Splatoon 3

The best Splatoon 3 guides, jokes, & more!

The latest entry in Nintendo’s newest tentpole franchise, Splatoon 3 is an evolution for the multiplayer shooter franchise. Featuring new weapons, maps, & more, the new entry in this franchise adds a lot to the already successful formula.

Weapons got new additions like the Brellas and the Splatana. All weapon types from past games return as well, like the Dualies and Rollers. All of these weapons, plus tips for certain game modes and more general tips, can be found in our Game Guides section, courtesy of Minus World.

In addition to all of our incredibly helpful guides, we also have the best jokes about the game. Wondering how the Queen’s death affected the Splatoon 3 launch day meta? We’ve got you on that, too. If you’re a fan of the game, keep your eye on Hard Drive’s Splatoon 3 section for all the coverage you’ll need!

Released: September 9, 2022
Genre: Third-Person Shooter
Developer: Nintendo
Buy it: Switch

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