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Splatoon 3 Collectibles: How to Customise Your Splashtag

How to stay fresh using the battle pass-like system in the new Splatoon threequel.

You fancy playing a bit of Splatoon 3, and drop into a nice casual match of Turf War. You think oh, these players look cool, their little card dealios on the loading screen are all neon and edgy. Three minutes later, and you’ve been thoroughly routed by a team led by an Attention-Seeking Shirt Model and their Aspiring Sidekick. Aspiring. You’re furious. And there’s only one thing to be done – make a better Splashtag yourself.

Your Splashtag consists of three elements: badges, banners, and titles. These are accessible in the little terminal in the lobby, next to the entrance to the online modes. And now if you wanna make like Ash Ketchum and complete your collection – that is his catchphrase right? – then grab your reading glasses.. 

How to Unlock All Badges in Splatoon 3

Players have found over 250 badges in Splatoon 3 so far. That’s a buttload in both imperial and metric measurements. And here’s how to get ‘em all:

Turf War and Anarchy Battle Badges

Tier 1 Tier 2Tier 3
Judd BadgeWin 50 Turf War matchesWin 250 Turf War matchesWin 1,200 Turf War matches. Ouch. 
Anarchy Battle Rank BadgeReach rank AReach rank SReach Rank S+
Clam Blitz BadgeWin 100 Clam Blitz matchesWin 1000 Clam Blitz matchesN/A
Rainmaker BadgeWin 100 Rainmaker matchesWin 1000 Rainmaker matchesN/A
Splat Zones BadgeWin 100 Splat Zones matchesWin 1000 Splat Zones matchesN/A
Tower Control BadgeWin 100 Tower Control matchesWin 1000 Tower Control matchesN/A

Splatfest Badges – Splatoon 3 Splashtag

Tier 1Tier 2
Conch BadgeReach Fun Ruler rank in a SplatfestN/A
Tricolor Attacker BadgeWin one Tricolor Turf War match as an attackerWin ten Tricolor Turf War matches as an attacker
Tricolor Defender BadgeWin one Tricolor Turf War match as a defenderWin ten Tricolor Turf War matches as a defender

Salmon Run Badges

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Grizzco Points Badge Earn 10,000 Grizzco PointsEarn 100,000 Grizzco PointsEarn 9,999,999 Grizzco PointsN/A 
Salmon Run stage Badges*Reach Eggsecutive VP 200Reach Eggsecutive VP 400Reach Eggsecutive VP 600Reach Eggsecutive VP 999
Salmon Run Boss Badges**Beat the boss 100 timesBeat the boss 1000 timesBeat the boss 10,000 timesN/A
Cohozuna BadgeBeat Cohozuna 10 timesBeat Cohozuna 100 timesBeat Cohozuna 1,000 times. Ugh.N/A
Hazard Level MAX BadgeFinish a shift at Hazard Level MAXN/AN/AN/A

*you’ll have to earn this on Gone Fission, Sockeye Station, and Spawning Grounds separately.

** and you’ll have to do this for each of the Salmon Run bosses: Big Shot, Drizzler, Fish Stick, Flipper-Flopper, Flyfish, Maws, Scrapper, Slammin’ Lid, Steel Eel, Steelhead, and Stinge. That’s 110,000 murders for your collection of gold badges here. 

Splatoon 3 Splashtags: Shopping Badges

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Marigold BadgeBuy 10 bits of food and drinkBuy 100 bits of food and drinkBuy 1,000 bits of food and drink
Shop Badges*Spend 100,000 at the shopSpend 1,000,000 at the shopN/A
Murch BadgeOrdered 10 things from MurchOrdered 100 things from MurchN/A
Catalog BadgeReach catalog level 50Reach catalog level 100N/A

*again, this is for each of ‘em: Naut Couture, Man-o’-Wardrobe, Crush Station, and Hotlantis.

Gear Badges

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Weapon Badges*Earn 4-star freshness with a weaponEarn 5-star freshness with a weaponN/A 
Brand Badges**Get 30 stars in a brand’s gearGet 100 stars in a brand’s gearN/A
Special Weapon Badges***Win 30 matches with a specific special weapon equippedWin 180 matches with a specific special weapon equippedWin 1,200 matches with a specific special weapon equipped

*yes, again, each. Read our best weapons tier list for their names.

**you know the score by now. These are all listed here.

***yep. each.

Tableturf Battle Badges

Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Tableturf Battle Rank BadgeReach rank 30Reach rank 40Reach rank 50
Tableturf Battle Collection BadgeCollect 90 cardsCollect 120 cardsCollect 150 cards
Tableturf NPC BadgeBeat all level 3 Tableturf playersN/AN/A

Story Mode Badges

Mercifully, finally, there are only five more to tell you about from playing the story mode. They are:

  • DJ Octavio Badge: beat DJ Octavio at the end of the first major area.
  • Cap’n Cuttlefish Badge: complete the campaign. 
  • Callie Badge and Marie Badge: max out your hero level.
  • Mr. Grizz Badge: beat the secret kettle, once you’ve seen the credits roll. 

But we ain’t done yet – let’s get into finding the rest of your Splashtag drip.

How to Unlock Banners and Titles For Splatoon 3 Splashtags

Splatoon 3 Customizable Splashtags

There’s currently 99 banners, and well over a thousand titles. What’s the unit of measurement higher than a buttload? A life’s work, maybe? 

To get a quick one with some bragging rights out of the way, you unlock the title of Alternan World Champ for beating the story. Here’s the rest:

Catalog Level Rewards: Banners and Titles

As you may have seen in our guide on the subject, the catalog has a bunch of banners and titles up for grabs. These are the levels that Harmony will be handing out a banner as a reward:

1, 13, 26, 37, 44, 64, 78, and 97. 

And you’ll get a new title at these levels:

2, 18, 33, 38, 47, 54, 57, 67, 73, 85, 93, and 96.

The Shell-Out Machine: Banners and Titles

Right in between the food vendor and the locker room in the lobby is Splatoon 3’s very own bit of gacha, the Shell-Out Machine. You can trade in conch shells here for a prize, or pay for the privilege: 5.000 for your first go a day, and 30,000 for each subsequent go.  

The prizes are random, and not exclusive to banners and titles – you’ll end up with more food tickets than you can count – but they are in there. Honestly. 

Tableturf Battle Banners

Splatoon 3 Splashtag Collectibles for Tableturf

For the real completionists, you need to get stuck into Tableturf, Splatoon 3’s in-game card game. It’s tucked away near the lobby, and if you play enough, you’ll net a banner for reaching level 10, 25, and 46.

Salmon Run Banners for Splatoon 3’s Splashtags

The last source of your Splashtag customisation comes from your labours at Grizzco. To unlock these though, you’ll need to keep reaching round 4 of Salmon Run, and collect bronze, silver, and gold scales by landing hits on the King Salmonid – though the odds of him spawning in are somewhat slim. Keep on grinding for gilded fish bits though and you’ll bag some banners for your efforts.

There you have it. Zero excuses for looking like a god-damn filthy casual.