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Splatoon 3 Collectibles: Catalog Rewards

Yes, that is a dabbing Inkling.

You’ll no doubt have seen that you now have two levels in Splatoon 3; one being your player level, and the new catalog level. This serves as a sort of free battle pass equivalent, as you earn experience towards it by doing pretty much anything in the game save for the single player, and each tier you reach nets you something or other, which we get into below. 

And much like a battle pass, this first catalog in Splatoon 3 runs until 7pm EST on November 30, 2022, at which point there will presumably be 100 new rewards to grind out, and writers everywhere will sigh at the labor involved in updating you all on them. 

Once you do bump up a catalog level, all you need to do to claim your prize is hop over to Hotlantis, the general store run by Harmony, who is… less than enthusiastic about her role. Hotlantis opens up to you at player level 4. 

Another thing to note is that for every catalog level you gain during a Splatfest Sneak Peak – the week or so in which you can sign up for your Splatfest team before the event actually kicks off – you’ll earn a conch shell, which you can use for a go on the Shell-Out Machine. As Ari says, gimme the loot. 

All Splatoon 3 Drizzle Season 2022 Catalog Rewards

As for what the things in the below table actually are: decorations and stickers go in your locker. Titles are unfortunately a mystery until you unlock them, as are (most) banners, so you’ve been robbed of quips by Nintendo there. You give Food/Drink Tickets to the food and drink vendor in the lobby for food, and drink, and Tableturf Battle Cards are booster packs for that surprisingly fun little side game. Emotes are your poses at the start and end of a match – and Mystery Boxes house either 10k cash, Tickets, or Ability Chunks. Everything else is equippable gear

So with that out of the way, here you go – all the Catalog Rewards for Drizzle Season 2022, painstaking notated from the Nintendo Switch Online app, where you could have looked this all up yourself:

1: Banner21: Punk Pinks41: Skipjack Work Boots61: Cuttlefish Sandies81: Blue Shrimpsiders
2: Title22: Sticker – rad old school diving helmet42: Food Ticket62: Decoration – cute little model of Smallfry, your exploding pal from the campaign82: Sticker – some Splatlandian letters in white
3: Emote – cross your arms and look moody af. 23: Tableturf Battle Cards43: Tableturf Battle Cards63: Drink Ticket83: Drink Ticket
4: Food Ticket24: Food Ticket44: Banner 64: Banner84: Tableturf Battle Cards
5: Studio Headphones25: Mystery Box45: Decoration – an absolutely horrifying adult human male looking squidling65: Tableturf Battle Cards85: Title
6: White Tee26: Banner 46: Sticker – some indecipherable words in green and white66: Sticker – an astronaut helmet, for the space cadets86: Sticker – a fish having an X-ray; hope they’re alright x 
7: Pink Trainers27: Decoration – target practise guy keychain47: Title67: Title87: Tableturf Battle Cards
8: Tableturf Battle Cards28: Sticker – some tasty fish bones48: Drink Ticket68: Tableturf Battle Cards88: Food Ticket
9: Sticker – little windows dialogue box looking guy29: Pilot Goggles49: Fresh Card Pack – some shinies in here maybe? 69: Classic Straw Boater89: Glassless Glasses
10: Decoration – target practise squid thing that you shoot in the lobby30: Zink Layered LS50: Mystery Box70: Annaki Bracelet Tee90: Distressed Vest
11: Food Ticket31: Purple Hi-Horses51: Emote – Rodin’s The Thinker71: Red Hammertreads91: Ink Black Clam Dunks
12: Tableturf Battle Cards32: Drink Ticket52: Sticker – another windows dialogue box dealio 72: Food Ticket92: Decoration – target practise guy with his head blown off keychain
13: Banner33: Title53: Tableturf Battle Cards73: Title93: Title
14: Sticker – red squidling head graffiti34: Tableturf Battle Cards54: Title74: Decoration – big red crab with a pure look of joy on his face 94: Sticker – some indecipherable words in blue and green
15: Emote – hands on hips,  also fairly moody35: Emote – the moody crouch55: Sticker – some kinda head and headphones in red, I think?75: Mystery Box95: Drink Ticket
16: Drink Ticket36: Sticker – some indecipherable words in purple and red56: Food Ticket76: Emote – a decidedly less moody fist in the air96: Title
17: Tableturf Battle Cards37: Banner 57: Title77: Tableturf Battle Cards97: Banner – some morbid fish bone arrangement, which is not a secret for some reason
18: Title38: Title58: Tableturf Battle Cards78: Banner98: Emote – dab on them folks! 
19: Air Gills DX39: Retro BluFocals59: Beachcomber79: Retro Framers99: Mystery Box
20: Tentatek Tandem40: Lime BlobMob Tee60: Sudadera Celeste80: Lime Battlecrab Shell100: Triple Deck Specs


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