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Dead Space Remake Easter Eggs Guide: All Easter Egg Locations

A remake of 2008’s classic, Dead Space Remake is the second edition of the survival horror game remastered for modern gaming systems. Though Dead Space Remake is largely the same as the previous iteration, it is also filled with new hidden Easter eggs and references for fans of the original game to discover.

So in this article, we’ll be exploring some of the most notable Dead Space Remake Easter eggs and what they mean for fans of the series. So grab your plasma cutter and get ready to discover the hidden secrets of this remastered classic.

Spoiler Warning: The following information contains spoilers for Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake – Secret Ritual Easter Egg

How to discover the secret ritual, one of the Dead Space Remake Easter Eggs.

In the “Obliteration Imminent” chapter of Dead Space Remake, players will encounter an increased number of collectibles that delve into the game’s backstory and the tragedy that occurred on the USG Ishimura caused by the Church of Unitology. These include logs, Nodes, weapons, and schematics that will give protagonist Isaac a tactical advantage against the Necromorph threat.

However, Chapter 4 of the game features a well-hidden text log that offers cryptic hints about the game’s lore. To uncover this hidden text log, you must head to Break Room while heading to Electrical Systems. In the room, you will find a couple of shoes and hand markers engraved with blood, followed by a large red circle. At this point, you must stand inside the ring and perform certain actions in a particular pattern to solve the puzzle: Use Melee x1, Jump x3, Melee x1, Jump x1, Melee x1, Jump x3, Melee x1, and Jump x1.

After successfully performing the secret ritual, you’ll notice a text log right next to your location, which reads, “Dead, they ascend to the stars. Blessed are the watchers who guard their sleep. May the holy fleet endure beyond the reach of our enemies. May the brethren make them whole. For our fleet and its sacred cargo glory everlasting. For those who disturb their stasis-blessed death will be denied them. Praised be the Markers and Altman, their external prophet.

New Game Plus Text Log

The new game plus text log that players get as a Dead Space Remake Easter Egg.

While playing the Dead Space Remake new game plus mode, you may have come across several extra text logs in your inventory. One log is labeled as “Indecipherable,” but it’s actually decipherable and holds an exciting easter egg for fans of the horror game series. 

The text logs offer hints and spooky lore bites, with some featuring conversations between characters that hint at events in future games. The conversation progresses to exploring the possibility of employment at the Sprawl on Titan.

If you’re a seasoned Dead Space fan, you must be aware of The Sprawl. Even if you’re not, don’t worry! It’s a space station featured in Dead Space 2, which was built by EarthGov in the aftermath of near-extinction due to resource depletion.

So far, the Dead Space community has concluded that another installment of the classic survival horror game could be under development as a few players have found some log texts that hint towards Dead Space 2’s remake.

Dead Space Remake Easter Eggs: Honoring The Former Game Designer

Well-known video game designer, and director, Glen Schofield is the mastermind behind EA’s original 2008 hit game Dead Space. Schofield, however, left EA Games a long time ago to co-found Sledgehammer Games, meaning the renowned artist was not involved in the production of Dead Space Remake. He also went on to direct 2022’s The Callisto Protocol, a different take on the genre Dead Space helped pioneer.

Yet, Motive Studio and Electronic Arts honored Glen Schofield in Dead Space Remake by engraving Schofield Tools on the Plasma Cutter, a weapon used by Isaac Clarke. Since the text is small and placed on the bottom of the weapon, players need to adjust their camera angle to view the bottom section of the weapon – thanks to Ben-Gun for discovering this easter egg.

Secret Ending

Besides the normal ending, in which Nicole ends her own life before boarding the Ishimura, there’s an alternative ending for Dead Space Remake. The secret ending reveals that Clarke plans to build more Markers, as he tells Nicole he needs to “build a little something first.” This implies that he may have gone to another planet and created more Markers, unleashing Necromorphs and potentially threatening other worlds, including Earth.

Players must undertake the following steps to access the alternate ending in Dead Space Remake:

  1. Complete the game on any difficulty level to activate the New Game Plus mode.
  2. Collect all 12 Marker Fragments hidden throughout the USG Ishimura in the New Game Plus mode.
  3. Place the collected Marker Fragments on the shrine in Lt. Commander V. Holt’s Quarters.
  4. Finish the game to unlock the alternate ending automatically.

In the alternate ending of Dead Space 2, Isaac Clarke experiences hallucinations of Nicole and goes insane while leaving planet Aegis VII. This is caused by the Marker, which seems to have control over Clarke.

These are just a few Easter eggs we discovered throughout our journey to Dead Space. Undoubtedly, the game is filled with more hidden references and nods that are well worth checking out.

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