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Dead Space Remake Secret Ending Guide: How to Unlock it

The remake of the renowned horror classic, Dead Space, has finally released! Players around the world are experiencing the game for the first time, with some also revisiting the USG Ishimura. For those unaware, the remake actually offers a secret ending you can unlock by performing certain tasks. We’ve got you covered with just how you can unlock the secret ending in Dead Space.

How to Unlock the Dead Space Remake Secret Ending

How to unlock the secret ending in the Dead Space Remake.

To unlock the secret ending, you will first need to playthrough the entirety of the game normally and beat it. After credits roll, you can then start new game plus. This mode will be unlocked regardless of what difficulty you beat the game on. Throughout your NG+ playthrough, you will come across Marker Fragments. These items are scattered all across the USG Ishimura, and you will have to search for them during each chapter.

There are a grand total of twelve different Marker Fragments scattered throughout the ship that you will need to encounter and collect. After obtaining them, you’ll need to head over to Lt. Commander Holt’s room and place all twelve of the Marker Fragments onto the shrine located there. It’s a bloody mess and you will not miss it. From there, all you need to do is beat the game, and when the credits roll you will see the secret ending.

What Is the Secret Ending?

The secret ending showcases the events that lead to the opening of Dead Space 2. You see Isaac start to hallucinate Nicole, which leads to him stating he is going to create more Markers. The Markers are tied to the Necromorphs, allowing them to enter wherever it is placed. The striking opening of Dead Space 2 has Isaac in a mental hospital tied up, which is now becoming much more clear after viewing the secret ending.

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