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Dead Space Remake Master Override Guide: Crew Rig Locations

Dead Space Remake has looked back on its 2008 origins and innovated beyond them, introducing a slew of fresh content not seen in the original game, including Security Clearance levels and the chance to unlock Master Override chest permissions. While entirely optional, completing the You Are Not Authorised questline will grant Isaac access to powerful weapon upgrade schematics that are otherwise inaccessible. Completing this quest, though, will require to find all of the Dead Space rig locations.

Dead Space Master Override: Where to Find Every Crew Rig

To start the quest, check the console on the right-hand side of the window in the Captain’s Nest located on the Bridge when meeting Hammond in Chapter 4. Below, you’ll find a list of each of the seven Ishimura crew rigs you’ll need to unlock the Master Override security clearance and allow yourself full freedom within the ship. 

Voelker’s Rig Location

First up is Voelker’s rig, which you might have already found prior to starting the quest, you can find it in the oxygen-deprived Hangar where Hammond previously switched off the gravity back in Chapter 2. Head right to the back and look for the Cargo Arrival sign on the far left, you’ll see the rig on the floor.

Dead Space Remake Master Override: White’s Rig Location

Find White's Rig in Dead Space to unlock the Master Override.

Next is Officer White’s rig, which you can acquire as early as Chapter 4 while calibrating the ADS cannons. If you boost all the way to the end of the trench, you’ll see a body just past the third cannon, on the left-hand side. White’s rig is now yours.

Holt’s Rig Location

Where to find Holt's rig; one of the Dead Space rig locations you'll need to know.

Lt. Commander Holt’s rig is available in Hydroponics once Chapter 6 but requires a little bit of finessing. As you enter the East Grow Chamber from Hydroponics Control on Floor 3, look to your left. You’ll see a glowing Necromorph mass connected to a tendril. Shooting it will cause the tendril to burst and reveal a second growth, blast this also and then shoot the third that appears. 

Once all three are shot and dealt with, Holt’s rig will be revealed on the left side of the upper walkway.

Dallas’ Rig Location: Dead Space Master Override Guide

If you’ve missed each of the past few and are already in Chapter 7, the rig belonging to Mining Supervisor Dallas should the hardest to miss. When locating the SOS beacon down in Processing, you’ll need to destroy four boulders in the main processing room using kinesis.

This will then unlock the room with both the SOS beacon and Dallas’ rig conveniently placed in the center of the room and will net you Security Clearance level 3 too.

Dead Space Remake: Rossaeu’s Rig Location

Rossaeu's Rig location is one of many Dead Space rig locations you'll need to know.

You’ll need the previous rig from Dallas to get Chief Engineer Rousseau’s back piece, due to Security Clearance level 3 being necessary to access the room it’s located in. Head to Engineering’s Control Room, then through the large hatch, and make your way back to where you got the flamethrower. Follow the corridor down to the main area and check the right-hand side for the level 3 door, you’ll find Rousseau’s rig within.

Bailey’s Rig

Comms Officer Bailey is located in Chapter 8 right before you mend the Comms Array up on the Bridge. Take the elevator from the Bridge Atrium and follow the corridor into the main Control Room for Communications, Bailey’s office is on the left. You’ll find Bailey’s body and his rig inside.

Benson’s Rig – All Dead Space Rig Locations

Where to find Benson's rig to get the Dead Space Remake Master Override.

Tram Supervisor Benson’s rig is the last available, only once you’ve completed Chapter 9 and returned from the Valor in one piece. The Crew Quarters will be opened up on the Bridge deck, and conveniently you’re asked to make your way there by Daniels via a newly unlocked entrance. Follow the corridor and head down the stairs into the Tramway and then straight to the back of the tunnel. You’ll find Benson’s severed arm and rig laying there.

Back to the Captain’s Nest

After finding all the Dead Space Rig Locations, return to the Captain's Nest.

With all seven rigs gathered, head back to the Captain’s Nest in the Bridge and interact with the console to generate Isaac’s Master Override privileges. You’ll now have access to all Master Override locked doors and crates, the latter containing the final upgrade schematics for your guns. For more Dead Space Remake guides, check out how to get the Level 6 suit.