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Dead Space Remake Upgrades Guide: All Upgrades & Weapons

Dead Space Remake offers a diverse array of weapons for Isaac Clarke’s survival journey. This cult-favorite sci-fi horror game features eight unique weapons and 21 upgrades, providing an intense gameplay experience. However, unlocking all weapons and upgrades requires a thorough exploration of the Ishimura, which is a challenging task for players. So whether you’re new to the franchise or a veteran Dead Space player, here’s how to unlock every weapon and its upgrade.

Unlocking Plasma Cutter in Dead Space Remake

The Plasma Cutter can be found on a bench in the early stages of Chapter 1, “New Arrivals.” The Plasma Cutter is easy to find due to its bright yellow glow, which is noticeable as soon as you exit the elevator. Alternatively, look for a graffiti sign that reads “cut off their limbs” to spot the weapon.

Get ready to face off against the Necromorphs with the iconic Plasma Cutter in Dead Space. As the first weapon, you’ll get your hands on, it quickly becomes a fan favorite and an essential tool in the fight against the undead.  As an essential weapon, Isaac will use it extensively throughout the game.

Weapon Upgrades

There are three weapon upgrades available for Plasma Cutter, and here’s how to unlock them in Dead Space Remake:

Weapon UpgradeLocationChapter
Heat AccumulatorPurchase from Shop for 11,000 Credits.Course Correction
Cartridge RackInside Ishimura Clinic, on the BenchIntensive Care
Weighted BladesOn a seat inside Maintenance Locker Room.Search and Rescue

Unlocking Pulse Rifle

The Pulse Rifle can be unlocked after obtaining the Kinesis module in Chapter 2, which allows Isaac to move objects and pull inaccessible items. In the same room as the Kinesis module, use it to move crates and find a path to a room where you’ll encounter a dying officer holding the Pulse Rifle in his hands. 

The triple-barreled rifle excels in crowd control and has a secondary fire mode of a proximity mine, perfect for setting traps for Necromorphs that can result in devastating blasts upon activation.

Weapon Upgrades

There are three weapon upgrades available for Pulse Rifle, and here’s how to unlock them in Dead Space Remake:

Weapon UpgradeLocationChapter
Kinetic AutoloaderPurchase from Shop for 11,000 Credits.Course Correction
PCSI Custom MagazineInside Electrical Systems Storage on a shelf.Obliteration Imminent
High-Yield GrenadeInside the first locker in the AtriumEnd of Days

Unlocking Ripper in Dead Space Remake

How to upgrade the Ripper, one of the weapons in Dead Space Remake

In Dead Space Remake Chapter 3, the Ripper can be obtained while refueling the engines. To start off, head to the Machine Shop and then walk down the ramp. There you’ll find a dead crewmember holding the Ripper in his hands.

The Ripper boasts a special ability known as Angled Launcher (SP1). Overall, Ripper is a handheld cutting tool that launches a circular sawblade, causing substantial damage to whatever it connects with. The distance between the tethered blade and the Ripper can be adjusted with the Kinesis toggle.

Ripper Upgrades

There are three weapon upgrades available for Ripper, and here’s how to unlock them in Dead Space Remake:

Weapon UpgradeLocationChapter
Ricochet TracerPurchase from Shop for 11,000 Credits.Course Correction
Angled LauncherInside B. Andonov’s OfficeEnvironmental Hazard
Carbon-Fiber BladesGo from Tram Station to Engineering, then from Preparation Room to Machine Shop.End of Days

Unlocking Force Gun

The Force Gun can be obtained in Dead Space Remake during Chapter 6 when you find yourself in the room called West Seedling Room A within the ship. Start by activating the mission and make your way to the second floor.

You will encounter a large room filled with enemies, including a Wheezer, which must be defeated. After successfully eliminating the enemies, proceed to the West Seeding Room A, where you will see a corpse. As you approach it, a prompt will appear on the screen, indicating the location of the Force Gun.

The Force Gun has a shotgun-like fire rate and power, using ammo at a similar rate as the Ripper. It’s similar to the Pulse Rifle with its narrow focus, but it’s slower. Since Force Gun has a slow fire rate, using Stasis is highly recommended to get the most out of it.

All Force Gun Weapon Upgrades

There are three weapon upgrades available for Force Gun, and here’s how to unlock them in Dead Space Remake:

Weapon UpgradeLocationChapter
Subsonic OscillatorPurchase from Shop for 12,000 Credits.Environmental Hazard
Gravitic AmplifierGo to the Guest Consultant’s Suites, and after the conversation, head to the back room, where you’ll find it on a table.End of Days
Suspension ModuleInside a Master Override chest.Alternate Solutions

Unlocking Flamethrower in Dead Space Remake

How to get the flamethrower, one of the best Dead Space Remake weapons.

The Flamethrower is a powerhouse weapon in the game and can be acquired early on. In Chapter 3: Course Correction, Isaac comes across a soldier right next to the wall while working on the objective to ignite the engines. Simply approach the soldier to pick up the Flamethrower.

The Force Gun is a beast at close range, unleashing a blast of kinetic energy that damages everything in its path. It’s not ideal for distant combat, but it’s a perfect pick for short-range combat. As a result, the Flamethrower is specifically designed to battle against packs of Necromorphs or for taking care of the crawlies. It comes with three superpowers: Gellified Hydrazine (SP1), High-Pressure Nozzle (SP2), and a giant Fuel Tank (SP3) for even more burn power.

Weapon Upgrades

There are three weapon upgrades available for Force Gun, and here’s how to unlock them in Dead Space Remake:

Weapon UpgradeLocationChapter
Gellified HydrazinePurchase from Shop for 11,500 Credits.Course Correction
Macroliter Fuel TankTo find it, switch the circuit breaker to zero gravity, then drift down to the floor below. In the Utility Room, you’ll spot it on the ground. Note: You need Security Clearance Level 3 to access.Into the Void
High Pressure NozzleTo obtain the upgrade, first, take the battery from Deluxe Quiet Bunks and insert it into the circuit breaker near the bathrooms. Activate the doors, then venture into the Deluxe Shift Bunks beside the bathrooms where you’ll find a Master Override chest holding the upgrade.End of Days

Where to Find the Contact Beam

Where to get the contact beam in Dead Space.

Find the Contact Beam in Chapter 7 while on a mission to power up Mining Administration. Take a stop at the Records Office on the second floor (access with level 2 clearance) to secure this valuable weapon.

The Contact Beam is a mighty weapon of destruction. Charging it up will take down enemies even faster. It’s like a more powerful version of the Ripper but with less ammo. The downside of this weapon is its scarce and expensive ammo, but against single foes, it’s a game-changer. However, it’s worth noting that the Contact Beam requires charging before use. Therefore, fire it wisely.

Contact Beam Weapon Upgrades

There are three weapon upgrades available for Contact Beam, and here’s how to unlock them in Dead Space Remake:

Weapon UpgradeLocationChapter
Supersymmetry TetherPurchase from Shop for 12,000 Credits.Obliteration Imminent
Portable HelitronGo to the Main Lab in Medical and head down. Take the back hallway and access the Bioprosthetics Locker Room with Security Level 3. You will find the upgrade on the workbench.End of Days
Diffraction ModuleDiscover the upgrade in a Master Override Chest, accessible through a Master Override Door located on the Mining Deck.End of Days

Unlocking Line Gun in Dead Space Remake

In Chapter 5, you can obtain the Line Gun by facing the Hunter shortly after starting the Lift the Lockdown quest. After defeating him, head to ER Hallway A through the Emergency Room, take a right, and you will come across a door requiring Security Clearance Level 2. 

This door is not hard to spot as there aren’t many doors in the area. Upon entering, you will find a bloody room with the Line Gun in the center, alongside the corpse of a crew member. As per the previous patterns, the dead body holds the weapon, and you can collect it by approaching the crew member.

Weapon Upgrades

There are three weapon upgrades available for Line Gun, and here’s how to unlock them in Dead Space Remake:

Weapon UpgradeLocationChapter
Ionized CapacitorPurchase from Shop for 11,500 Credits.Lethal Devotion
Precision LasersFind the Master Override chest in the hallway connecting the Hydroponics Central Hub and the Mining Tram Station in Hydroponics.End of Days
Photon EnergizerLocated in a Medical room with Level 3 Clearance after leaving the Chemical Lab.End of Days

Unlocking Hand Cannon

How to unlock the hand cannon weapon in Dead Space Remake.

Unlock the Hand Cannon in Dead Space Remake by defeating the game on the toughest difficulty, Impossible mode. It’s no walk in the park, but completing the game at this level rewards you with a pile of goodies: 50,000 credits, ten nodes, some text logs, a level 6 suit, and, most importantly, New Game+. And don’t forget, beating the game on Impossible also unlocks the Burnished Suit.

The Hand Cannon is undoubtedly the ultimate weapon in Dead Space Remake. One hit and any creature will lose all its limbs, guaranteeing an instant kill. Though it’s a bit tricky to aim at a distance without a cross-hair, just keep firing, and you’re sure to hit the target. In the Dead Space remake, the Hand Cannon now comes with a laser sight for improved aiming.

Since Hand Cannon unlocks at the end of the game, no upgrades are available for this weapon in Dead Space Remake.