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The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Crossplay Guide: Is it Cross Platform?

Want to use crossplay in Texas Chain Saw Massacre? The Texas Chain Saw Massacre brings a new contender to the horror asymmetrical multiplayer space. The PvP-focused title has launched on all major platforms, even last gen, excluding only the Nintendo Switch. If you want to know whether players on different consoles can game with each other and how to go about it, this guide will help clear things up.

Is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Cross Platform?

A compatibility chart for Texas Chain Saw Massacre crossplay.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre does feature crossplay, but only between specific platforms. Current gen Playstation 5, Xbox Series X|S and the PC versions from both the Steam and Xbox/Windows stores can all connect to each other’s games. Previous gen Xbox One and Playstation 4 gamers are completely excluded from crossplay functionality, and thus can only matchmake with players on the very same console.

How To Use Crossplay In The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Crossplay is enabled by default on the platforms that support it. However on Xbox, your privacy settings might be blocking you. Unblocking it requires you to dig deep into the console’s system settings. Begin by opening up the Xbox guide, then navigate to:

  1. Profile & System
  2. Settings
  3. Account
  4. Privacy & Online Safety
  5. Xbox Privacy
  6. View Details and Customize
  7. Communication & Multiplayer
  8. Use the drop-down on “You can join cross-network play” to select Allow.

You can turn cross platform play off on all platforms, by going through the game options menu and disable crossplay. Note that turning off crossplay in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will force you to matchmake exclusively with other people that have also manually turned the function off.

Friends on other platforms cannot be added through any in-game menu or method. Instead, start a lobby by selecting the Party Options button in the menu, then Create Party. This will generate a six-digit session invite code. Copy it and forward it to your friends through third-party messaging services like Kik, Discord, or WhatsApp. Players on the same platform as you can be added easily through the Invite function that’s right there, without the use of the code.

Joining a lobby is as simple as selecting Join Party and typing in the session invite code. Icons next to each player’s name will let everyone know who’s on which platform.


The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Crossplay Guide: Is it Cross Platform?


That’s everything you need to know about crossplay in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Check out our helpful tier lists for both Victims and Killers in the game.

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