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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Victims Guide: Survivor Tier List

Looking for the Texas Chain Saw Massacre best victims? The game is now out for players to witness the ultimate horror and brutality. You can play as the victims as well as the family members in this 3v4 matchup. If you’re choosing to play as these survivors, then you must know who are the best in order to escape from a brutal death. Each of the victims has their own unique set of skills which make them stand out from each other. 

So, let’s look at the best characters to use in the game with our Texas Chain Saw Massacre victims tier list.

C Tier- Julie

Julie has high stealth, which is crucial in staying undetected from the family. Additionally, her Ultimate Escape ability helps in reducing stamina drain and also makes her harder to track. This ability is suited more to a solo-survivor style play rather than working together as a team which makes her a weak choice. And the ability itself is only useful when she is near an exit or when a killer is near.

B Tier- Leland

Leland is the strongest of all the victims, but that doesn’t mean he can go face-to-face with the killers. He can essentially stun them, which provides a short window to escape. While it is sometimes useful, it requires proper timing, and additionally, it doesn’t work for Leatherface. Pairing him with another survivor is more beneficial.

A Tier- Ana

Ana is essentially the primary character in the game when she goes to look for her missing sister and stumbles upon the gruesome family. Her stats do not stand out very much, but it is her Pain is Nothing ability which is amazing. With this ability, she takes reduced damage from attacks and falls. So, in situations where you have no choice but to return to the basement by falling, Ana will generally take reduced damage from the fall. The ability also grants her immunity to the effect of poison as well. 

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Victims

S Tier- Connie

One of the best victims in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Connie.

Connie’s Focused ability is a standout as it will help to lockpick doors and unlock other pathways, which can be crucial for the whole team. Her endurance is a bit on the weaker side, but her Focused ability makes her a prime choice for any player in escaping from family members quickly. Additionally, she also has high Stealth, which is crucial in staying undetected from the killers.

S Tier-Sonny

Sonny, one of the best victims in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Sonny’s Heightened Sense ability is another useful one, as it helps him to detect noises from his surroundings. This can help you inform other survivors of various occurrences around the area, including the supposed locations of where the killer might be. Sonny is also quite strong and can sneak up on the killers in certain moments.

That’s everything you need to know about choosing the best survivors in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. Check out our guide on the best Texas Chain Saw Massacre killers to check out who to try if you’re on the flip-side!