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Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Killers: Family Member Tier List

Curious about the Texas Chain Saw Massacre best killers at launch? The game is out now for players to embark on a brutal and bloody journey of their making. In this 3v4 matchup, players can choose to play as either the victims or the family members. If you’re on the side of the family members, then you must know who is the most ruthless and bloodiest. Each of them has specific sets of skills which make them stand out, so it is essential to know who is the best for you.

So, let’s look at the best killers to use in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre from our tier list.

C Tier- Leatherface

Though Leatherface is the face of the iconic franchise, he is comparatively weaker than the other family members. He cannot fit through small gaps and pathways which is a disadvantage.  He is also a bit slower than the others, but that doesn’t mean he can’t catch up to the survivors. But with his Maim ability, he can break down barriers and doorways.  This ability can be useful in searching for victims and ending them quickly. Not to mention, he can cause some unholy amount of damage with his chainsaw. Leatherface is a permanent member who must appear in every match, so if you want to be good in the game, you must learn to use him well.

B Tier- Johnny

Johnny is as quick as Sissy and Hitchhiker, but his main standout is his Hunt ability which helps to see the tracks and trails of the survivors. With this, other players can be informed about the locations of the survivors. Other than his savagery, he is a bit useless and generally works well with other members like Sissy or Hitchhiker.

A Tier- Cook

The Cook is one of the originals returning to the game, and he is as savage and brutal as ever. His Seek ability helps to hear every sound clearly and tracks down the survivors. Additionally, he is also useful in Blood Harvesting, like Sissy and the Hitchhiker. Though he lacks in speed, he makes up for it with the Seek ability and, of course, his brutality.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Best Family Members

S Tier- Sissy

One of the best family members in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Sissy.

Sissy’s a newer addition to the family, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t up to their standards. Her swift speed will help immensely in chasing the survivors, and her ability to follow them through small gaps and pathways makes her a killer choice, pun intended. Additionally, her Bane ability will let her poison various items, which in turn can poison the survivors. She also is the best in blood harvesting, which can help in levelling up Grandpa quicker.

S Tier- Hitchhiker

Hitchhiker, one of the best killers in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Hitchhiker is one of the original killers of the franchise and another great option for players looking to use killers with speed. His quick movements and the ability to move through every small pathway and gap are useful for finding the survivors. His Trap ability gives you three traps to set up around various places, especially around the exits of an area. Additionally, he is also good at blood harvesting, like Sissy, which can help in swiftly levelling up Grandpa.

So, that is everything you need to know about choosing the best killers in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. If you want to see the game from the other side, check out the best victims in Texas Chain Saw Massacre!