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Starfield Best Mods Guide: The Top 10 Mods to Use

Enjoying Starfield but experiencing some annoyance with certain elements of the user interface or gameplay mechanics? Mods can fix that. While the files themselves are tiny, the systems they affect make Starfield a vastly improved experience. This Starfield guide will list ten of the most useful mods for the game, without conflicting with one another.

Cleanfield by Gametism: Starfield Mods

Your very first mod for Starfield should be this one, which cuts down on all the loading screens, logos, and warnings, before you get to the main menu. How much time could that possibly be? A nearly twenty second intro is shaved down to less than two seconds.

Cleanfield – A No-Intro Videos and Clean Menu Fix at Starfield Nexus – Mods and Community

Starfield FOV by Hellstorm102: Mods for Starfield

First-person games always seem to suffer from tunnel vision with their highly restrictive default field of view (FOV) values. While there may be technical or stylistic reasons for these design choices, this mod gives you, the player, all the leeway you could want with adjusting the FOV to your heart’s content.

Starfield FOV at Starfield Nexus – Mods and Community

Compact Inventory UI by Stentorious

Starfield’s default inventory user interface has so many categories that it necessitates the use of a scrollbar to view the bottom three groups. This mod compacts the UI by eliminating dead space without affecting readability, making all categories immediately visible. The effect obviously also carries over into sub categories, with compact displaying 12 items on screen at a time, instead of 9 by default. The mod’s slim variant, pictured above, will display as many as 17 items at a stretch, but you may have issues with reading the font size. It works with all item menus, such as vendor buy & sell, and your ship’s own cargo hold.

Compact Inventory UI at Starfield Nexus – Mods and Community

Compact Mission UI by Stentorious: Starfield UI Mods

Not much needs to be said here, as it does pretty much exactly what the mod above does, just for the Mission user interface, allowing you to view up to 15 ongoing missions, as opposed to just 10 by default.

Compact Mission UI at Starfield Nexus – Mods and Community

Icon Sorting Tags – Starfield Edition by McGuffin

Starfield is a serial looter’s nightmare–there is just so much stuff to pick up. You picked up every flower in Skyrim, and you’ll be picking up every paper cup in Starfield. However, if you’d like a little more discernment when looting, this mod will apply helpful little icons to every item-related menu, even in the game world, indicating what the item is and does. On top of that, consumables will let you know exactly what their effects will be upon consumption.

Icon Sorting Tags – Starfield Edition

Responsive Grabbing by Seb263: Best Starfield Mods

While you can lift objects up in Starfield, the mechanic is quite cumbersome because of the delay programmed in–a full 1 second before there is a visible result. That may not seem like much on paper, but in-game it can get quite grating on the nerves, almost like you’re fighting gravity for every single paper cup. This mod won’t make the response instantaneous, but it will cut it down to one-third, making it feel so much better and rewarding to actually make use of lifting in certain scenarios.

Responsive Grabbing at Starfield Nexus – Mods and Community

Better Dialogue Controls by Jonathan Feenstra

Better Dialogue Controls, one of the best mods for Starfield.

This mod numbers the dialogue options in NPC conversations, allowing you to press the corresponding number to choose it. Additionally, both the arrow keys and the scroll wheel can be used to switch between choices. Most importantly of all, it eliminates the one second-long delay that precedes confirmation of your choice. Does that add up over the course of the game? Perhaps. It will definitely come in handy for speedrunners and alternate ending completionists.

Better Dialogue Controls at Starfield Nexus – Mods and Community

Instant Scan by JustAnOrdinaryGuy

Another time-saver mod, this one reduces the wholly unnecessary wait time to complete scans, shaving precious seconds that add up to minutes in a galaxy with hundreds of planets and moons to survey.

Instant Scan at Starfield Nexus – Mods and Community

Scanner Encumbrance Display With Time by Yoddle

This modded Scanner’s on screen display will show you both LT and UT times, as well as your current mass. The latter can be helpful if you’re on a scavenging or mining run, and just want to pick up as much stuff off of the ground as quickly as possible without switching between menus to see how encumbered you currently are.

Scanner Encumbrance Display With Time at Starfield Nexus – Mods and Community

Real Flashlight by DoubleYou: Top Starfield Mods

The default flashlight is quite poor in terms of how much it lights up the environment and if you find yourself squinting through the darkness a lot, this mod offers two lighting variants for the flashlight. The default modded flashlight lights up a larger area and has a sharply defined circumference like that of a spotlight. The soft version does just that–softens the outline, giving it more of a natural feel, while retaining the larger radius.

Real Flashlight at Starfield Nexus – Mods and Community

And those are a small selection of the most important mods you can get for Starfield. Check out more of our Starfield guides on getting a good ship, upgrading it with unique parts, arming it with better weapons, and making the best use of its targeting systems.