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Starfield Best Ship to Buy Guide: What Are The Best Ships?

Trying to figure out which ship is the best to buy in Starfield? We don’t blame you–there are over 250 pre-made ships in Starfield to earn, hijack, or simply buy from vendors spread out across the galaxy, and the dizzying array of options for customization will complicate things even further. This Starfield guide will highlight two of the best stock ships that you can buy from a vendor.


This Class B ship is only available at the Staryard located on Deimos, one of Mars’ moons, in the Sol System, where you will need to speak to Nikau Henderson. At a cost of just over 180K Credits, this ship is very evenly balanced in almost all aspects in its base configuration, without forcing you to compromise, or shell out heavily for upgrades in the short-term. Armed with very effective shield-neutralizing Lasers, the remainder of this combat-oriented ship’s high-powered armament will blast right through defenseless enemy ships. If there really is anything negative to be said about the Aegis, it would be in regards to the paltry Cargo capacity, but this is easily mitigated with cheap upgrades.

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Starfield Best Ship: Stronghold

Once you’ve cut your teeth on 30 enemy ships in combat and attained Rank 4 in the Piloting skill, you will have finally opened up the world of Class C ships. The Stronghold is one of the best in its class, and goes for something in the region of 300K Credits, nearly double the cost of a stock Aegis. It can be purchased from the Ship Services Technician in Akila City on the planet Akila, in the Cheyenne System. While bristling with Lasers and Ballistics, the stock Stronghold is completely lacking in Missiles, and this is the only shortcoming in an otherwise stellar ship. Not to worry though, as the Stronghold is also heavily customizable.

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And those are the two best ships you can buy in Starfield. Check out our guide on how to move faster in Starfield once you’re on the ground, with the secret boost jump method.

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