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Starfield Unique Ship Modules Guide: All Vendor Locations

Looking for the ship vendors who sell unique modules for your personalized ship build in Starfield? Once you have bought the best ship, and outfitted it with the best ship weapons, you will probably want to expand your horizons further with ship modules that make you stand out from the pack, or maybe even build one completely from scratch. This Starfield guide will identify each of the official manufacturer-owned shipyards and vendors, as well as their locations across the galaxy.

Nikau Henderson

Nikau is located aboard the Deimos Staryard, in the orbit of Mars’ moon Deimos in the Sol System. The manufacturer Deimos itself specializes in a militaristic aesthetic in their Structural parts. Several of their massive bridges are unique to this Staryard as well:

  • DS30.1 Ares Bridge
  • DS30.2 Ares Bridge
  • DS40.1 Ares Bridge
  • DS40.2 Ares Bridge

Inaya Rehman: Starfield Unique Ship Modules

Hopetech is represented by Inaya Rehman in the HopeTech building, in the settlement of HopeTown, on Polvo in the Valo System. A great aesthetic choice for crafting your perfect cargo/hauler ship design, their Structural category is one to browse thoroughly, especially for spines that can be traversed through. The Overseer Bridge line can be placed atop nodes, unlike most other cockpits which are connected at the rear of the module.

  • Hopetech Radiator
  • Hope 4 Landing Bay
  • Overseer 300 Bridge
  • Overseer 300E Bridge
  • Overseer 400 Bridge

Veronica Young: Starfield Ship Vendor

The representative for Taiyo Astroneering is Veronica Young who makes her offices in the Taiyo Astroneering Store inside Ryujin Tower, in the city of Neon, on Volii Alpha in the Volii System. With the nicest store aesthetics of all ship manufacturers, you can actually walk around in lifesize models of their cockpits.

  • Samurai Enhanced Cockpit
  • Daimyo Enhanced Cockpit
  • Shogun Enhanced Cockpit
  • Himeji Command Bridge

Havershaw: Starfield Unique Ship Modules Vendors

Havershaw, one of the unique ship modules vendors in Starfield.

Havershaw represents Stroud-Eklund aboard their very own Stroud-Eklund Staryard in the orbit of Deepala’s moon Dalvik, in the Narion System. Their cockpits designs tend to have them be placed atop modules.

  • Stability Pro Landing Bay
  • Kon-Tiki B-300 Bridge

Nova Galactic Ship Services Technician

This unnamed Ship Services Technician is in the settlement of New Homestead, on Saturn’s moon Titan in the Sol System, and represents the ship manufacturer Nova Galactic. Nova Galactic has exceptionally unique aesthetics, making Habs and Structural the categories that you should be paying attention to, as well as the two-tiered cockpit.

  • Cabot C3 Bridge
  • Cabot C3X Bridge
  • Cabot C4 Bridge

Lon Anderssen: Starfield Buy Shielded Cargo Holds & Scan Jammers

Lon can be found in the Red Mile facility, on Porrima III in the Porrima System. In keeping with the shady nature of this entire locale, the Red Mile’s ship technician sells exactly what a space-faring criminal needs.

  • Shielded Cargo Holds from a variety of manufacturers
  • Scan Jammers

That was all six of the ship vendors that stock unique ship parts in Starfield. Be sure to check out our guide on how to move faster on the ground with the alternate boost jump method.