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Shogun Season 1 Finale Episode 10 Schedule Release Date, Time

The finale of the first season of the Shogun TV show is due next week, and here is the air date and time on streaming services

The finale of the Shogun TV series is upon us, with episode ten releasing soon. Based on the same-titled novel by James Clavell, the series has always been expected to run for a single season, but perhaps creative license will gift us with another.

UPDATED April 22



What Time Does Shogun Season 1 Episode 10 Come Out?

Shogun TV Season 1 Episode 10 Hiroyuki Sanada, Anna Sawai
Shogun TV Season 1 Episode 10 Hiroyuki Sanada, Anna Sawai

Shogun Season 1 Episode 10, releases on April 23. As a cable and streaming only show, the Shogun TV series releases on multiple platforms including Hulu, Disney+, fuboTV, SlingTV, YouTube TV, ABC, and FX Now. Hulu episodes release at midnight Eastern Time, while the cable telecast premieres at 10 PM ET, or 22 hours later. Here are localized streaming times for major regions:

9 PM Pacific Time (PT) April 22

10 PM Mountain Time (MT) April 22

11 PM Central Time (CT) April 22

12 AM Eastern Time (ET) April 23

4 AM Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)/Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) April 23

5 AM British Summer Time (BST) April 23

6 AM Central European Summer Time (CEST) April 23

9:30 AM Indian Standard Time (IST) April 23

12 PM Singapore/Taiwan/Hong Kong Time April 23

1 PM South Korea Standard Time (KST) April 23

1 PM Japan Standard Time (JST) April 23




What Is The Title Of Shogun Season 1 Episode 10?

The title of Shogun’s season 1 episode 10 is “A Dream Of A Dream”.


Who Are In The Cast Of Shogun Season 1 Episode 10?

Shogun TV Season 1 Episode 10 Cosmo Jarvis
Shogun TV Season 1 Episode 10 Cosmo Jarvis

The cast of characters has suffered some casualties in the latter half of Shogun’s season, with more to come as death takes its toll on both major and minor roles.

Aside from the leads, Hiroyuki Sanada (Yoshii Toranaga), Cosmo Jarvis (John Blackthorne), and Anna Sawai (Toda Mariko) guest stars include:

Moeka Hoshi (Usami Fuji)

Tadanobu Asano (Kashigi Yabushige)

Shinnosuke Abe (Buntaro)

Yuka Kouri (Kiku)

Hiroto Kanai (Kashigi Omi)

Yasunari Takeshima (Muraji)


Sand Land Release Date, Time


Those are the air dates and times for episode 10 of season one, of the Shogun TV series.

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