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Stardew Valley 1.6 Is It On Switch

Wondering when that massively huge 1.6 update for Stardew Valley is coming out on Nintendo Switch? Find out here

The 1.6 update for Stardew Valley dropped on March 19, 2024, exclusively for the PC platform. While the update is vast and has revitalized the PC playerbase, console gamers are feeling a bit left out. So when exactly is Stardew Valley 1.6 coming to the Switch?





Stardew Valley 1.6 Switch Release Date

Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone, solo developer of Stardew Valley, is still working towards updating Stardew Valley 1.6 on the Switch. However, all he has said so far is that it’ll happen “as soon as possible”.

With “no specific release date” to share, he did tweet that he would provide “updates if there is anything significant to share”.



This is not really a surprise to seasoned Stardew Valley players on console. The previous 1.5 update for the game, took three months to finally become available on Switch, way back in February 2021.

Publishing and even updating games on console can be somewhat convoluted and time-consuming, with a complex certification process to pass before the playerbase can access it, presumably for security reasons.

With ConcernedApe working solo on updating the game for multiple platforms, while also juggling fixes to the PC version, AND his new title Haunted Chocolatier on the back burner, it can all get a little stressful, we’re sure.

The Stardew Valley 1.6 update is indeed a wonder to experience, with a new farm type called Meadowlands catering to livestock, the anomalous weather event dubbed Green Rain, new NPC vendors, and just so much more.

The patch notes themselves for Stardew Valley 1.6, seem to go on forever. If you’re interested you can read the full list of features and fixes right here:


Stardew Valley Update Patch Notes 1.6 Mar 19 2024


That’s all we really have right now on the release date of the Stardew Valley 1.6 update for Nintendo Switch.

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