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Sea Of Thieves PS5 Release Date And Time

Formerly exclusive Sea Of Thieves is finally coming to PlayStation 5 and we’ve got the details on its release date and time

Six long years after its initial release, Sea of Thieves is finally coming to a Sony platform, specifically the PlayStation 5. The multiplayer masterpiece from developer Rare has been exclusive to publisher Microsoft’s Xbox console family, and PC ever since its release in 2018. That ends with the upcoming release date for the game on a Sony console in April.

UPDATED April 30



Sea Of Thieves PS5 Release Date And Time

Sea Of Thieves PlayStation 5
Sea Of Thieves PlayStation 5

Sea of Thieves has been given a release date of April 30, 2024 for PlayStation 5. That would make it six years, and forty odd days since its release on the last generation Xbox One console, and Windows PC.

The exact time hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it could well be a global midnight release, wherein each timezone sees the game unlock when the clock strikes midnight. Watch this space for more.

Sea of Thieves will unlock concurrently globally, at 9 AM GMT/UTC. Here are localized times for major regions:

2 AM Pacific Time (PT) April 30

3 AM Mountain Time (MT) April 30

4 AM Central Time (CT) April 30

5 AM Eastern Time (ET) April 30

9 AM Universal Coordinated Time (UTC)/Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) April 30

10 AM British Summer Time (BST) April 30

11 AM Central European Summer Time (CEST) April 30

2:30 PM Indian Standard Time (IST) April 30

5 PM Singapore/Taiwan/Hong Kong Time April 30

6 PM South Korea Standard Time (KST) April 30

6 PM Japan Standard Time (JST) April 30

7 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) April 30

9 PM New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) April 30


Pre-ordering and wishlisting have been open since February 22, the day after the initial announcement was made.

Here’s the direct link to the US PlayStation Store, which should automatically re-direct you if you are in another region:


Sea Of Thieves PS5 Pre-Order Edition Buying Guide


Preloading opens up for PS5 players without Early Access on April 28 at 9 AM GMT/UTC. An additional, small download will be required on April 30 when Sea of Thieves goes live for PS5.

We will update this piece with the exact time you can preload and play the game, when those announcements are made.


Sea Of Thieves PS4 Release Date And Time

Sea Of Thieves Spirits
Sea Of Thieves Spirits

Sadly, PlayStation 4 players are being excluded from this Rare celebration, as no plans have been announced to release the game on last generation Sony hardware. This is puzzling, no doubt, since Sea of Thieves was released on the Xbox One, which was the generational counterpart of the PS4, and ran quite well on the aging hardware.

Sea of Thieves itself is not a very graphically demanding game, with a cartoonish art style, and a poly count that’s certainly lower than most photorealistic games already on PS4.




Sea Of Thieves PS5 Developer Milestone

Sea Of Thieves Glowy
Sea Of Thieves Glowy

The release of Sea of Thieves on PlayStation 5 is also a milestone of sorts for long-running developer Rare, as it will be the first game from the studio to ever make it onto a Sony console.

Going by Rare’s ludography, the studio has been around since 1986, and has released games on many major and minor consoles, but never a PlayStation, across hardware generations. Sea of Thieves is certainly a great game to mark the occasion, but here’s hoping that more of Rare’s back catalog, as well as its future endeavors, make it to present and future PlayStations.


Sea Of Thieves PS5 Is There Crossplay And Cross-Progression


Here’s looking forward to a smooth release and gaming experience for all the PlayStation gamers out there!

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