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Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Case & Key Guide: Where to Find

A zombie outbreak is bound to leave a lot of locked stuff behind and Dead Island 2 uses that as a basis for hiding special loot. Finding the necessary keys can be tricky for some, but a few are certainly on the easier side. This guide will cover where to find the Military Supplies Key in Dead Island 2 and open up the Militaries Supplies Case.

Where is the Military Supplies Case?

Where to find the Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Case.

When you first enter the Halperin Hotel location, there’s a good chance you’ll come across the locked yellow Military Supplies Case. It’ll be on the right side and located in the bed of a military truck. If you happened to miss it entirely, the location can be seen in the image above. It’s on the north side of Lacuna Av and close to both a workbench and the zone exit leading back to Bel-Air.

Where is the Military Supplies Key in Dead Island 2?

Defeat the Drill Sergeant in Dead Island 2 to open the Military Supplies Case.

Similar to Coach’s Car Trunk, the zombie with the necessary key won’t spawn until you progress further into the story. Ignore the case for now and venture into the hotel. Finish all of the quest objectives in there, including the Becki the Bride boss fight that introduces you to the Crusher Apex zombie. On your way back out you’ll find that Crushers are now spawning into the overworld and one special version named Drill Sergeant will appear in the middle of Lacuna Av.

You’ll need to kill this particular zombie to get what you need. They’re not as strong as the boss fight you just went through and the attacks are exactly the same, but the group of zombies that join in on the fight can be a nuisance.

No matter which Dead Island 2 character you decided was best, using the environment is always a great strategy and that factors in here. We suggest guiding them over to the southernmost blue pipe that’s shooting water out from the middle of the street. A nearby generator in a truck will have its wire exposed and by turning it on, you’ll have a nice little electric pool trap. Dance around this and they’ll mindlessly walk through it, slowly whittling their health away.

Another tip is to make use of the Chem Bomb curveball you recently found. Not only can throwing it at a zombie stun it for a few seconds, but electricity will also route through it. Throw it next to the electric pool and you’ll make it nearly twice as big.

Otherwise, treat this as you would any other Crusher. Avoid their powerful swings and get in as many swings as you can between them. Try to not kill them in the middle of the electric water though or it may hurt a bit when you go to grab their dropped Military Supplies Key.

Head over to the Military Supplies Case and open it to reveal the unique Guarding Military Knife. It’ll pack a lot of power and just like the RNG weapons you find, it’ll match your current player level. Use the nearby workbench if you want to enhance it even further.

That covers where to find the Dead Island 2 Military Supplies Key. Feel free to check out our other Dead Island 2 guides where we’ve covered topics such as how to use fast travel and how to activate fuseboxes.

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