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Dead Island 2 Fuse Box Guide: How to Activate Fuseboxes

Dead Island 2 is an open-world game with a lot of locked areas/containers that are hiding great loot. The most common example of this is locked doors or locked safes that require a special key from a specific zombie, but something else that stands in the way of players and a powerhouse weapon are fuseboxes.

Scattered throughout each of the zones are open fuse boxes that need to be activated with a fuse. Doing so will lead to a new room that’s filled with loot and a high-rarity weapon. This is how to activate a fuse box in Dead Island 2.

Where to Find Fuses in Dead Island 2

Where to find fuses in Dead Island 2.

With Batteries and Circuit Breakers being objects you can find and use in the open world, you might assume the same could be said for Fuses. It’s best that you stop looking for them while you’re ahead, though, since the only way to acquire them is by buying them from traders.

Due to a likely lack of money and there only being Carlos to trade with early on, many of the fuseboxes you initially come across in Dead Island 2 are going to have to be left alone. He’ll restock as you progress, but you’ll have more opportunities once you meet new traders. Just remember that each will charge you 1,500 cash for a single fuse and your inventory will cap at three.

How to Activate Fuseboxes

Any fuseboxes you come across in Dead Island 2 will be marked on your map. All you need to do is head over to one after purchasing some fuses and you’ll be able to place one in. This will then power a door or a gate and cause it to open.

Some might have zombies or environmental obstacles inside, so be prepared. It’ll be a small price to pay for all of the crafting materials and other loot you can find. Even more important will be the new weapon, which will be inside a blue Zomproof Slayer Hoard crate.

There’s a good chance the weapon will be a standout amongst your inventory and might even be your introduction to a higher rarity. If you have some extra cash, it’s well worth using it to buy some fuses and head over to the nearest fuse box.

Hopefully this saved you some time and answered any questions you have about fuseboxes in Dead Island 2. Feel free to check out our other guides as well, such as which is the best character to choose in Dead Island 2.