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Dead Island 2 Fast Travel Guide: How to Unlock & Use Fast Travel

Although Dead Island 2 isn’t a fully-fledged open-world game, it does use multiple large location zones that players will need to travel between. When the main quest and especially side quests send you back and forth to different locations, you’re going to notice how long it takes.

The great news is that Fast Travel is an option in Dead Island 2 and can help you save a lot of time. There are some caveats with it though, which we’ll be going over. This is everything you need to know about how to fast travel in Dead Island 2.

When does Fast Travel Unlock in Dead Island 2?

How to unlock fast travel in Dead Island 2.

The option to use Fast Travel in Dead Island 2 isn’t accessible from the start or even within the first few hours. It will instead become available about halfway through the main quest line once you’ve reached the Blue Crab Grill in Venice Beach. After the introductory cutscene to the characters residing inside, a pop-up notification will let you know that you’ve unlocked Fast Travel Maps.

These are represented as big red maps of Los Angeles that you’ve possibly noticed before. They’ll be found within any safe spaces next to storage lockers and workbenches. Any of those previous maps that you’ve come across before will now be marked and function for fast travel, while any future ones will work as soon as you discover them.

How to Use Fast Travel

It’s unfortunately not quite as simple as opening up your map whenever and choosing where to go. The ability to Fast Travel is a bit limited, as it’s only available at Fast Travel Maps and each location only has one or two at most.

Approach these maps to see a brief overview of each location you’ve discovered so far as well as all of the various quests and points of interest within. From there you can select a location to further specify where you want to fast travel to. After passing through them and finding all of the Fast Travel Maps, you’ll also be able to choose the time of day when you arrive.

This covers how to fast travel in Dead Island 2. If you’re curious about any other mechanics such as how to activate fuse boxes or which slayer to choose, we’ve got you covered.

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