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Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Guide: Where to Find Coach’s Car Keys

One of the most common things you’ll find within the large zone locations in Dead Island 2 is a bunch of locks, including Coach’s Car Trunk. Whether it’s to a vehicle, a safe, or a unique crate, there are a lot of locked containers (marked as a Lockbox) with special loot inside. Even within the starting area of Bel-Air you can find a lot of these and the first one you come across might just be an inconspicuous locked car trunk. This guide will show you where to find Coach’s Car Keys to open Coach’s Car Trunk.

Where is the Coach’s Car Trunk?

The vehicle we’re looking for is a dark car that can be found on Access Rd 782 and more specifically right next to where it intersects with Access Rd 781. It will be facing south and its license plate will read 49UCTTN. Your map will mark its location as a lockbox, but you can also use the above image to find it in case you haven’t discovered it yet. We’ll be needing to find the keys to open its trunk.

Where are the Coach’s Car Keys in Dead Island 2?

Where to find Coach's Car Keys in Dead Island 2.

If you’ve been combing all over Bel-Air looking for these keys to open Coach’s Car trunk in Dead Island 2, you might be wasting your time. The special zombie holding these keys isn’t in the area quite yet and you’ll need to progress through the story a bit first.

It won’t be long before the main quest line will have you head toward the Halperin Hotel location. Once you’ve completed the main quest there and have returned back to Bel-Air, the unique Coach Ace zombie will spawn.

This zombie can be found on the Tennis Courts next to Access Rd 781. It’s only a little bit West from their car and the above image shows where exactly they are on the map.

Defeat the Coach Ace zombie to open the Dead Island 2 Coach's Car Trunk.

Head on over and you’ll find them in the corner, distracted by a bloody pool meal. Their position makes it a lot easier to get the jump on them and can be especially advantageous depending on which slayer you chose.

It won’t make too much of a difference either way, though, since they’re not much more difficult than other zombies you’ve encountered already. We suggest starting off with a heavy attack while their back is to you and also making good use of your Curveballs if needed, but you can take them on however you’d like. After they’ve been slayed, they’ll drop the Coach’s Car Keys item. Pick it up and head back towards their car.

Approach the trunk and you’ll now be able to open it. Inside will be an Agile Golf Club weapon, which will match your current player level.

That’s how to open Coach’s Car Trunk in Dead Island 2! Hopefully you didn’t spend too much time looking for these keys early and are now enjoying your new golf club melee weapon. Check out our other Dead Island 2 guides to help with your early questions, such as how to activate fuseboxes and how to use Alexa Game Control.

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