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Dead Island 2 Curtis’ Valuables Safe Guide: How to Open the Safe

Every location in Dead Island 2 has locked away secrets and quite a few will be tantalizing players within the starting area of Bel-Air. One in particular that will be found early on is a safe in Curtis Sinclair’s house. We’ve got you covered with where to find Curtis’ Safe Key and what’s inside Curtis’ Valuables safe itself.

Where is Curtis’ Valuables Safe?

If you’ve come across Curtis’ Valuable Safe in Dead Island 2 before, it should be marked with a lockbox icon over Curtis’ house. We highly recommend setting a waypoint to it, either through the map itself or by using Alexa Game Control. It’s alright if you haven’t, though, since the house isn’t too big anyway.

The safe can be found in a small wine cellar on the right side of his house. Whether you enter through the back right or right side entrances, it only takes a few steps forward before finding it. If you enter through the front door, all you need to remember is to hang left and you’ll see it in no time.

Where is Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2?

Not unlike other locked safes, there’s a good chance you will find the safe early on as you comb through Bel-Air with your Dead Island 2 character of choice. Unfortunately, Curtis doesn’t have the key and the person-turned-zombie that does won’t be spawning for a while.

The first requisite to open Curtis’ Safe in Dead Island 2 is to have completed The Death of The Party side quest that introduces you to Curtis and allows you access to his house. This side quest is the first you can complete and becomes available the first time you leave Emma Jaunt’s home. The second requisite is to have completed the Justifiable Zombicide main quest which marks the first time you fight a Screamer Apex zombie.

After you’ve completed these two quests, return to his home and head through his backyard. This area has become a hot spot for Screamers so it’s best to kill them quickly before they can summon and enrage other zombies into attacking you. Fight your way through until you reach the separate building on the left side. The location can be seen on the map image above while in-game it will have a small “Guest Restrooms” sign in front of it.

Defeat Crystal the Lawyer to get Dead Island 2's Curtis Safe Key.

Waiting inside is a special Screamer called Crystal the Lawyer. She’s not as strong as the boss from the Justifiable Zombicide quest, but she still has more health than a typical Screamer and that means she’ll have more opportunities to send your zombies your way.

There isn’t a lot of room inside the building, so try to lure her outside. It’s worth noting that the nearby heaters are explosive and make for great traps. Otherwise, do your absolute best to keep her from screaming. Most curveballs will stun her out of the animation if you see it about to happen.

This fight can become increasingly hectic if you don’t kill her fast. Aside from worrying about her bringing in zombies, this area is still a hotspot for Screamers and they can spawn in the area as you’re fighting. Two of them mean a potentially much bigger horde to fight which might even include other Apex zombies. Considering using any and all firearms you have to quickly put her down. If you’ve progressed a bit further and have unlocked Fury Mode, you can use that to make short work of everything.

She’ll drop Curtis’ Safe Key once you’ve slayed her. Return back to the safe and open it to find a Tactical Heavy Revolver. Although it will match your player level, it’s sure to pack a punch no matter what.

Follow these tips and you’ll have found Curtis’ Safe Key in Dead Island 2 and opened his safe in no time. If the location of any other keys in Dead Island 2 has you stumped, check out our guides on finding Coach’s Car Keys and the Military Supplies Key.

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