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AEW Dynasty Tickets: Are There Any More Available?

AEW Dynasty is set to be All Elite Wrestling’s next PPV event, but are there still tickets available to purchase for the supercard?

As of writing, there are still some seats available, with Ticketmaster indicating that there are some close to the ring as well as up in the rafters.

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AEW Dynasty Cheapest Tickets

The cheapest tickets available right now come in at around $35 plus fees, which will see you seated in Sec 216.

It’s fairly far away from the ring, but considering the fact that it is CHEAPER than buying the PPV at home, it’s well worth going if you can.

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What is the most expensive AEW Dynasty ticket price?

As of writing on Wednesday, April 17th 2024, the most expensive tickets for the AEW Dynasty PPV event will see you seated on the floor near the ring and cost around $508 plus fees.

Yes, it’s a pretty stark difference to the $35 price point of the cheaper seats, but you’re about as close to the ring as you can get without buying ringside seats.

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