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WWE News: John Cena Makes Big Reveal About Feud With The Rock

WWE News: Company legend John Cena recently made a pretty big reveal about his past feud with The Rock, confirming old rumors.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Cena revealed that there were plans in place for him to turn heel against ‘The Great One’ back when they feuded from WrestleMania 27 to 29.

“It was Cena Rock 1. I got word that they were going to do it. And I went out and recorded a new song. I went out and got all new gear. I wasn’t prepared for Ruthless Aggression. That was the last time I wasn’t prepared.

“I mean, I heard rumblings of, we’re going to do it, and in 48 hours, I had a new track, a new studio mix theme song, and a final mix. And,  I had seven new singlets, low-cut singlets with boxing-type robes. I already had the boots in storage, so I dusted them off. I was ready to go and already thinking about what I could do with the story” the multi-time World Champion revealed (via WrestlingNewsCo).

WWE News: Could John Cena really have turned heel?

Cena would also reveal the plans he had in place for the heel turn, noting that he wanted to completely go against everything that had made his character beloved to the younger demographic.

“A heel is not just new gear” he noted. “The objectivity or the message behind the singlet and the boxing robes and the boots is the exact opposite of what you saw with the street gear, the jeans shorts, the t-shirt, the ball cap, the sneakers. Go the opposite route and now lean into the opposite of everything you stand for.”

Why John Cena didn’t turn heel

The WWE legend would also explain why it would end up taking place: “It’s like, how can I take the intellectual property that people are familiar with and twist it so it’s like, this guy’s f*cking insane. It’s everything I’ve come to love and now I genuinely hate it and being a real bad guy, and I think that was the conversation that was eventually had where it’s like, okay, it’s a bad idea.

“So I’m like, Hey, I know this is going to sting, but I’m not going to sell another T-shirt. I’m going to take all merchandise off the market, I’m not going to put out anything new and I’m not going to make any more appearances.

“So I’m not going to do any Make-A-Wish. I’m not going to do anything like that. I’m going to be a bad guy to make your good guy, so your good guy does all that. That’s when I was like, we’re kind of in too deep. So it worked out the way it worked out, but bro, I was ready.”

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