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AEW News: Major Update on MJF’s Current Status

AEW News: MJF has been off of All Elite Wrestling programming for some time, and a new report confirms his latest status.

According to a new report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Maxwell Jacob Friedman is “still working to recover from his multiple injuries.”

Johnson also confirmed the following: “While he is not listed on the AEW roster, the belief is he remains locked into a deal with the company.

“While he was not in attendance at AEW Big Business in Boston a few weeks back, has confirmed that the day after that event, MJF was in Boston to meet with AEW officials.”

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AEW News: Latest on MJF

Intriguing, PWInsider also noted that MJF has not been backstage at any AEW events since exiting storylines. 

Whilst we do not currently know how long it will be before the former AEW Champion will return, it is very unlikely that he will be heading to WWE…as some rumors have claimed.

Storylines involving the outspoken character have usually remained under wraps to surprise the audience when things occur, so hopefully we’ll get shocked again in the very near future.

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