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AEW News: Tony Schiavone Reveals Reaction To AEW All In Footage

AEW News: Tony Khan recently broadcast the footage of CM Punk and Jack Perry from the All In event last year, and Tony Schiavone has revealed why he reacted the way he did when the footage was shown on AEW Dynamite.

Speaking on his What Happened When Podcast, Schiavone revealed that his on-screen reaction, that of clear disgust, was not to do with the footage being shown, but his trying to play into the storyline implications.

“My facial reaction is trying to put more heat on the Bucks being a**holes (in storyline)…I was not upset at the promotion, I was not upset at Tony Khan” he revealed (via SEScoops).

“So I was not p***ed off with what we had shown. I was trying to be fully in the moment of the angle.”

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AEW News: Tony Schiavone Reveals Genuine Reaction to CM Punk Footage

Schiavone would also rip into ‘fans’ online who compare AEW to WCW, saying that “social media is about idiots coming together and making up their own ideas.

“There’s absolutely no way you can compare us to WCW… I was there at both, you were not” the AEW commentator added.

There has been a ton of reaction from the pro wrestling world since the All In footage of CM Punk and Jack Perry getting into an altercation backstage aired, including from the likes of ECW legend Rob Van Dam (which you can check out below):

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