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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Infinite Lives Guide: Get 1Ups Faster

Want to get infinite lives in Super Mario Bros. Wodner? Super Mario Bros. Wonder can be quite challenging for players that are young, or simply new to platformers. While character selection (Nabbit and the Yoshis) can mitigate “Game Over” situations to some degree, it is imperfect and has its own drawbacks. If you want to know how to get more lives for any character, this Super Mario Bros. Wonder guide will detail three methods to farm infinite lives/1-Up Mushrooms so you never have to experience a Game Over screen again.

Method 1: Farm 99 Lives In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The first two methods rely on some basic Mario platformer mechanics: (1) staying airborne continuously without coming into contact with the ground, and (2) wall-jumping/wall-sliding does not break that first rule, even if done multiple times. While all characters can do this, the Yoshis are best because of their flutter jump that allows you a measure of control over your jumps and falls, and the natural invincibility to unintentional enemy contact. The Parachute Cap Action Badge ability can help additionally mitigate the former for both Yoshis and other characters, but is not absolutely necessary.

The best course to accomplish this method is on World 1, Course 3: Scram Skedaddlers! Once you’re on the course, make your way to the area pictured above, which is the end of the Skedaddler 10 Coin thief chase sequence. Allow it to clear the yellow barrel obstructions using its acorn projectiles. Now prepare yourself to hop onto its next acorn shot. Once you land it, immediately wall jump, then off it, and then either back on to it, or flutter jump as a Yoshi. By this point the Skedaddler will have spat out another acorn, which you can land on again. Rinse and repeat till the pop-up messages cycle through: Good, Great, Super, Fantastic, Excellent, Incredible, Wonderful, and finally 1UP. From this point forward, every subsequent successful hop will be a 1UP. As long as you don’t reset the airborne combo by coming into contact with the ground, you’ll hit your max of 99 lives in no time at all.

Using characters other than the Yoshis is entirely possible, if you really want to for some reason. Just perfect your wall-jump/wall-slide timing, and use the Parachute Cap to save yourself from errors.

Method 2: Infinite 1-Ups In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The second method is just a little bit further to the right on the very same course, World 1, Course 3: Scram Skedaddlers! Eliminate the Skedaddlers. Neutralize the red Koopa and drop its shell between the moveable green pipe, and the taller red pipe on its right. Now slide the green pipe all the way to the right, till the shell is jammed tightly between the two pipes, but with enough space for your character to squeeze between. A slender character like Peach or Daisy would be ideal, but is not necessary. Now just keep bouncing off of the Koopa shell, cycle through the pop-ups till 1UP appears, and then max it out. You’ll need to jump lightly off of the shell and immediately wall-slide on the red pipe, in order to avoid accidentally jumping so high that you land on the tops of the pipes thus canceling your combo.

Method 3: Exchange Infinite Flower Coins For Infinite Lives

If you have lots of unused Flower Coins, or are more comfortable farming Flower Coins using our guide, simply head to a Poplin Shop and buy a 1-Up Mushroom Fill-Up Set for 300 Flower Coins. It is the most economical option, working out to 3 Flower Coins per 1-Up, but there are two other options that cost less upfront.

And that’s how you can get infinite lives/1-Ups in Super Mario Bros. Wonder for the Nintendo Switch. Check out our guides detailing the locations of all Action Badges, all Boost Badges, and the Best Badges to choose from both.