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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Flower Coins Guide: How to Get Faster

Flower Coins are a newly introduced collectible in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, that are primarily used as a form of currency in-game, to be spent at Poplin Shops. A number of items can be purchased with Flower Coins, including 1-Up Mushrooms, Wonder Seeds, Badges, and Standee Surprises. Want to know how to get lots of Flower Coins? This Super Mario Bros. Wonder guide will detail how you can farm them efficiently and effectively. Note that both methods are made much easier by having the Coin Magnet Boost Badge activated, but this is not necessary.

How to Get Flower Coins: Super Mario Bros. Wonder Secret Stage

This bonus course, “Coins Galore!” will randomly appear postgame for you to play. However, it is also possible to force it to appear at any point in the game, by intentionally getting the Game Over screen while holding less than 100 Flower Coins. Doing so has no real negative effect other than to send you right back to the world map, where Prince Florian gives you five free lives.

At that point the Bonus: Coins Galore! course will also spawn nearby for you to challenge. The entire run can be done in less than thirty seconds and is worth 50 Flower Coins each time, assuming you gathered every single last one. Lose all your lives again, rinse and repeat. Note that if you do have more than 100 Flower Coins on you, then the Game Over screen will penalize you by deducting more than what this method is worth. The bonus course is good if you’re trying to gather Flower Coins in large chunks per run, in order to quickly buy items like Wonder Seeds and Badges which can cost as much as 100 Flower Coins each.

Expert Badge Challenge: Jet Run 1

This challenge course is just a straightforward sprint to the finish flagpole, with the coins in your direct path. The thirty second run is worth 13 Flower Coins, and no lives lost.

And that’s how you can farm 999 Flower Coins in Super Mario Bros. Wonder for the Nintendo Switch. Check out our guide on the best Badges in the game.