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Super Mario Bros. Wonder Best Badges Guide: Action & Boost

Super Mario Bros. Wonder introduces a number of new gameplay mechanics to the Mario platformer we all know and love. Among them are 24 Badges, one of which can be selected before embarking on a course, and granting you certain abilities. This Super Mario Bros. Wonder guide will list the best Badges for any given course type or obstacle.


If you’re on the hunt for course secrets and 100% completion, the Sensor Boost Badge will come in handy with its ability to alert you when near items.

Grappling Vine: Best Mario Wonder Badges

A lifesaver of an Action Badge for when you just barely miss a jump. Grappling Vine will allow you to make like Spider-Man and thwip-thwip your way around courses.

Parachute Cap

Traversal is the name of the game with most courses, and this Action Badge is one of the best for last-second save opportunities when you need to weave through hazards while airborne. Also handy for getting farther as you cross between platforms.

Dolphin Kick

This should be your go-to Action Badge for any kind of water course–you’ll be propelling faster and busting right through obstacles like Aquaman.

Best Super Mario Bros. Wonder Badges: Safety Bounce

For those times when you just can’t help tripping into lava, this Boost Badge will help fish your fat out of the fire every single time. This one’s great for kids and beginners who’ve already opted for character-based invincibility by playing as Nabbit or one of the four Yoshis, since they can still die in pits and lava without the badge.

All Elephant Power

The Elephant transformation is just so damn cute, and this Boost Badge makes every power-up on the course an Elephant Fruit, so you never have to settle for being anything else.

Those are some of the best Badges you ought to work on unlocking in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Check out our other guides for the game, including every Action Badge, and every Boost Badge.