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Stellar Blade Unlock And Equip The Skin Suit

A quick guide on how to get and wear the Skin Suit in Stellar Blade on PlayStation 5

Stellar Blade is looking gorgeous, evoking Bayonetta and Nier: Automata with its visuals and style. The player character, EVE, can be outfitted in a number of suits, most of which are cosmetic in their effect.

The exception being the Skin Suit which disables EVE’s shield when worn, raising the game’s difficulty to some degree, while also providing plenty of eye candy. Here’s how to unlock and wear the Skin Suit.


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How To Wear The Skin Suit In Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade Skin Suit Overview
Stellar Blade Skin Suit Overview

The Skin Suit is actually available by default. Simply unequip EVE’s current suit by navigating to:

  • Menu
  • Exterior
  • Select Current Nano Suit
  • Press X to Unequip (button prompts are visible in the bottom right corner)




The Skin Suit is then defaulted to, and displays its entry:

Changes the appearance of EVE.

Skin suits are outfits specially crafted by Mother Sphere. It covers the body of the Airborne Squad Member and deploys on its own, or expands and contracts depending on the situation. In other words, it's like a living skin.
(Shield is disabled when you put on this Skin Suit.)
Stellar Blade Skin Suit Stats
Stellar Blade Skin Suit Stats

The Skin Suit is essentially useless due to the lack of a shield, but may come in useful for in-game photography when the photo mode is eventually released.


Stellar Blade PlayStation 5 Is There Photo Mode


That’s all you need to know about unlocking and wearing the Skin Suit in Stellar Blade.

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