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Stellar Blade PS5 How To Fix Input Lag

Here’s a handy little guide to address and fix the input lag issues with Stellar Blade on PlayStation 5

Stellar Blade is shaping up to be a massive hit, in the vein of Bayonetta or Nier: Automata. The recently released demo has been making waves among the playerbase for its stylish action adventuring. However, games in this genre are very sensitive to input lag, which can be all the difference between a satisfying gaming experience and a terrible one. So how does one fix input lag in Stellar Blade on the PS5?



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Stellar Blade: What is HDCP?

The issues with Stellar Blade’s input lag stem from HDCP on the PlayStation 5. That stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, which is a form of DRM (Digital Rights Management). HDCP is meant for protecting content from piracy, wherein it prevents copying of digital video and audio streams as they are transmitted between devices.

Unfortunately, these defensive mechanisms have a negative effect on gaming, adding just enough input lag to ruin the player experience. 




Stellar Blade: How To Disable HDCP On PlayStation 5?

On your PlayStation 5, navigate to:

  • Settings
    • System
      • HDCP
        • Uncheck the box

That’s all there is to it. However, you may have to turn it back on again for certain situations.


For anyone suffering input lag turn off HDCP in settings under system-HDMI, cured it for me. This felt much easier after
byu/MacReadyToast instellarblade


Stellar Blade: Why Enable Or Re-enable HDCP?

If your primarily play games on your PlayStation 5, and don’t watch any streaming video content like Netflix, you can generally keep HDCP off at all times.

On the other hand, if you use your PlayStation 5 as a media device, then you will have to re-enable HDCP every time.

Here’s a tip: leave HDCP off, and only turn it back on when an app fails to work. Netflix is a prime example, but let the apps tell you.


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That’s all there is to fixing input lag in Stellar Blade on the PS5.

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