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Stellar Blade PS5 Is There A Photo Mode

Wondering if you can capture pivotal moments while playing Stellar Blade on PlayStation 5? Find out if the upcoming game has a photography menu

Along with the impressive visuals in Stellar Blade come the expectations of a photo mode to capture gorgeous actions shots and expansive vistas from in-game. Considering that most games both within the action adventure genre, and outside of it, have had a dedicated photography menu, many players are wondering if there is one in Stellar Blade and how to even access it. Here’s everything we know so far.



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Stellar Blade PlayStation 5: Is There A Photography Mode?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, not at launch. With a whole year spent on Stellar Blade’s stunning hair physics, the developers haven’t had any additional time to invest into a specialized photography menu for the game.

According to Kim Hyun-Tae, the director of Stellar Blade, the developers remain occupied with the core game itself, and thus Stellar Blade will not launch with photo mode. However, the studio is open to player feedback on inclusion of the mode at a later time and date.




Kim made the statement in an interview with Famitsu, responding to a direct question about the possible inclusion of in-game photography in March 2024, as machine translated below:


“Now that we are focusing on the development of the game mains, we are not ready for photo mode. I would like to answer as much as possible if the users request it.”

Kim Hyun-Tae,
Stellar Blade Director and SHIFT UP CEO


As a glass half-full take: that just means there’s still a possibility! Especially with a groundswell of opinion reaching the studio’s attention. Only time will tell if the collective voices from Reddit, Twitter/X, and the hundreds of forums where the game is being discussed, turn things around.


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That’s everything we have at this time on a photo mode for Stellar Blade on PS5.

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