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How to Move Faster in Starfield: Boost Jump Movement Guide

Loving Starfield but want to know how to move faster on the ground? Well, here’s a novel method to greatly speed up those long journeys across planets. This Starfield guide will show you how to access a variation of the standard boost jump you’ve been using so far.

Bind Secret Boost Jump To A Key: Starfield

It really is that simple. On PC, access the menu, then navigate to Settings, followed by Bindings. Scroll down a little to the key binding for Jump, which by default is SPACE under the “MAIN KEY” column. Do not modify it, as you will need its verticality in other situations. Instead, click the empty binding under the “ALT KEY” column. Assign a key of your choosing. Ideally, this would be a key close to the spacebar, since it will function as your alternate boost jump maneuver, but you could also use an unassigned mouse button. Once you’ve set that up, head back to the game.

Note: Due to keybinds being necessary, this method unfortunately only works on PC.

Testing Your New Boost Jump Method To Move Faster in Starfield

Press the spacebar to initiate a normal unpowered jump, followed by your alternate boost jump key, though you can also opt to double tap the latter. Whereas the regular boost jump has more of a vertical trajectory, the alternate boost jump catapults you much farther horizontally without gaining as much in the way of height. Combine with running or sprinting and you will cover a lot more distance now. Moreover, you also have a much greater range of motion while in the air when paired with a direction key, allowing for some very high agility and mobility, especially in boost jump combat. With the right skills and Boostpack combo as well as some practice, you can viably circle strafe the opposition while remaining airborne.

How to Move Faster in Starfield: Best Boostpack

The Skip Capacity Boostpack is the natural choice, since it is designed for staying aloft to begin with and has fast fuel regeneration for more consecutive thrusts. A close second is the Balanced Boostpack for slightly less forward momentum. The Basic Boostpack is better than the Power Boostpack if it comes down to a choice between the two, since the latter will still launch you much more vertically than horizontally, and expend almost the entirety of its fuel reserves in a single thrust, while also regenerating the slowest of all Boostpacks. Keep in mind that planetary gravity plays a role in optimal Boostpack selection and usage as well.

Starfield Boost Pack Training Skill

While you will require Rank 1 in this skill to even make use of Boostpacks, Ranks 2 and 3 are when you will start to really enjoy boost jump strafing, with Boostpacks using less fuel and regenerating fuel much quicker, respectively. Rank 4 is the cherry on top, and doubles the effect of both. The Challenge to unlock each rank is simply using boost jump during combat–ten, twenty, and fifty times.

Starfield Boost Assault Training Skill

This skill is not necessary if you only intend to use the secret boost jump method for map traversal. But if you do invest in it, it will allow you to knockdown or set enemies on fire when you boost, as well as hover and even activate a kind of bullet-time effect while suspended in the air.

That’s everything you need to know about the alternate boost jump method in Starfield. While you’re here, check out the lowdown on New Game Plus in Starfield!

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