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Persona 3 Portable Request 55 Guide: How To Beat Secret Boss

If you’ve been playing Persona 3 Portable since its release a couple weeks ago, you may be close to the finish line. One final trial stands before you, in the form of Persona 3 Portable‘s Request 55, featuring a secret boss capable of crushing your mortal bones in one lethal blow. Who, you ask? Your beloved Velvet Room attendant of choice: Theodore or Elizabeth, masterful Persona users both.

Players in search of a challenge, rejoice! This guide will turn you from minced meat to god-slaying messiah in no time.

Before The Fight – How to Prepare for Request 55 (Persona 3 Portable)

First: grab a calculator. You’ll thank me later; the boss has 20,000 HP, and you need to keep track of how much health it has as you go.

Now, before you can take on Request 55, you’ll need access to an area called Monad Depths, a hidden section of Tartarus. To unlock it, you will have to both clear Request 53 and reach Floor 254 of Tartarus itself. Once you’ve fulfilled both requirements, a new path will appear in Tartarus’ lobby — you’ll be knock, knock, knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, a silver and gold gateway on the right side of the staircase.

In addition to housing the secret boss on its 10th Floor, this area is host to a character-slaying cadre of Level 90+ Shadows, making it ideal for grinding. You’ll want to be Level 99 for this fight, giving you 999 in both health and SP. The boss ain’t kidding about being “the ultimate adversary”; given that you’ll be fighting them solo, you’ll need every boost you can get.

Speaking of boosts, the equipment you’re wearing will make a huge difference, too. See the chart below for a suggested loadout!

Lucifer’s Blade (male protagonist; fuse Lucifer with any Nihil Weapon)

Vel Vel Muruga (female protagonist; fuse Kartikeya with any Nihil Weapon)

Armor of Light

Obtained by fusing Orpheus (Fool) and Thanatos (Death) to create Messiah (Judgment); only possible when your character is Level 90+. Grants strong Magic resistance.

Shoes of Light

Obtained by fusing Orpheus (Fool) and Thanatos (Death) to create Messiah (Judgment); only possible when your character is Level 90+. Grants strong Magic resistance.

Divine Pillar (reduces damage taken by 50%)

Earned by fusing Alilat (Empress), which requires a maxed-out Empress Social Link. One valid Triangle Fusion is Skadi (Empress), Gabriel (Empress), and Mother Harlot (Empress).

Certain items will also be necessary, including one Armageddon Fusion Spell and at least 10 Infinity Fusion Spells. Armageddon is exactly what it sounds like: a massive damage-dealing nuke. Infinity grants you full invulnerability for one turn, which is crucial for dealing with the boss’ attack patterns (more on this later). Both of these can be purchased at Shinshoudo Antiques in Paulownia Mall. Pearls and Malachites are easy enough to come by for Infinity, but if you’re short on Rubies for that Armageddon, you can find them via the following methods…

  • Enemy drops in the fifth or higher blocks of Tartarus; very rare. If you want to grind ’em out, use a Persona with a high Luck stat (which can be boosted with cards from Shinshoudo Antiques). Enemies that drop Rubies include a black lion Shadow called Mighty Beast (Tartarus Floors 165 to 179), a muscular humanoid with two extra arms for nipples and a red mule called Jotun of Blood (180-190), and a cluster of floating eyeballs called Noble Seeker (245 to 261).
  • Velvet Room Request #71 rewards you with 3 Rubies.
  • On 11/8, Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities (accessible on Sundays via the TV in Your Room) will sell one Ruby.
  • On 12/6, Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities will sell two Rubies.

Once you’re leveled and stocked up, there’s just one more thing you need to win this fight…

Fusing Orpheus Telos – How to Beat the Secret Boss in Persona 3 Portable

Fuse Orpheus Telos to easily beat the secret boss & request 55 in Persona 3 Portable.

Orpheus Telos is one of the strongest Personas in the game, second only to Messiah. It resists every element in the game, making it crucial for the secret boss fight. As such, you’ll need not only to fuse three very strong Personas, but also to max out every Social Link in the game. It’s likely that you won’t manage this in your first playthrough, but New Game+ will help you get it right the second time around.

If you’ve successfully maxed out every Social Link, Igor will give you the Colorless Mask when you return to the Velvet Room, an item that allows you to fuse Orpheus Telos. From there, initiate a Triangle Spread fusion that includes Nidhogger (Aeon), Odin (Emperor), and Scathach (Priestess).

Why these three in particular? Well, for one, you can avoid having to make Thanatos and Messiah, two very time-consuming Personas that you would need for the standard Pentagon Fusion. Odin’s Thunder Reign skill is vital for surviving this fight (as with the fight in Request 53). In this fusion, Odin will pass Thunder Reign down to Orpheus Telos. You may have to back out and re-enter the menu a few times if Thunder Reign does not appear as an inherited skill, but worry not, it will be there after a couple attempts.

Don’t have Odin handy? That’s fine — you can do a few different Triangle Fusions. Try Skadi (Empress), Norn (Fortune), and Arahabaki (Hermit), for one (granting you the skill Niflheim instead of Thunder Reign). For a full list of recipes, check this page while referencing the skill chart below.

Recommended Skills For Orpheus Telos

There are several skill spreads you may want Orpheus Telos to have during this fight. Thunder Reign uses the Electric element, but other valid elemental builds can be used, too. Here are the basic reasons you may want a certain skill and how to get their Skill Cards or inheritances… 

SkillEffectHow To Get
Thunder ReignDeals severe Electric damage to one foe. 100% guaranteed to inflict Shock if it hits. This may grant you an extra turn to respond to the boss if they are Knocked Down and Shocked.Inherited from Odin (Emperor) via Triangle Fusion.
NiflheimDeals severe Ice damage to one foe. 100% guaranteed to inflict Frozen if it hits. This may grant you an extra turn to respond to the boss if they are Knocked Down and Frozen.Inherited from Skadi (Empress) via Triangle Fusion.
RagnarokDeals severe Fire damage to one foe.Inherited from Surt (Magician) via Triangle Fusion.
Panta RheiDeals severe Wind damage to one foe.Inherited from Norn (Fortune) via Triangle Fusion.
[Element] AmpAny of the elemental Amp skills, bolstering the effect of one of the above four skills (ex: Thunder Reign pairs with Elec Amp).Elec Amp Skill Card: Odin (Emperor), Level 66

Ice Amp Skill Card: Titania (Lovers), Level 55

Fire Amp Skill Card: Kumbhanda (Hermit), Level 58

Wind Amp Skill Card: Ganesha (Star), Level 65

[Element] BoostStacks with [Element] Amp. Any of the elemental Boost skills, bolstering the damage of one of the above four skills by 25% (ex: Thunder Reign pairs with Elec Boost).Elec Boost Skill Card: Shinshoudo Antiques for Turquoise x1, Topaz x1

Ice Boost Skill Card: Shinshoudo Antiques for Turquoise x1, Opal x1

Fire Boost Skill Card: Shinshoudo Antiques for

Turquoise x1, Garnet x1

Wind Boost Skill Card: Shinshoudo Antiques for Turquoise x1, Emerald x1

Sharp StudentReduces chance of sustaining critical hits. You’ll need it.Zouchouten (Chariot), Level 19
Mind ChargeDoubles the power of Magic attacks on the next turn. Pairs with whichever core elemental skill you choose to center your build around (the first 4 skills in this chart).Atropos (Fortune), Level 59
SalvationFully heals the party (just you, in this case).Vishnu (Sun), Level 87
DiarahanFully heals one ally (you).Daisoujou (Hierophant), Level 59

Bishamonten (Tower), Level 66

High CounterCounters the boss’ physical attacks; core to the second phase of the fight.Siegfriend (Strength), Level 67
Unshaken WillProtects user from mental ailments. This includes Panic, Rage, Fear, and Distress.Asura (Sun), Level 93

Once you’ve got your desired skill configuration, don’t forget to max out Orpheus Telos’ stats using the Incense Cards available at Shinshoudo Antiques.

Now, onto the fight itself…

Don’t Get Megidolaon’d – How to Beat the Secret Boss in Persona 3 Portable

Meme by @LavenzaHeadpats on Twitter

Megidolaon is an extremely powerful spell that deals massive Almighty damage to all foes. If you let the boss hit you with it, you can kiss your ass goodbye. Thankfully, the boss will only use it during the first phase of the fight if triggered by one of the following things…

  • An equipped Omnipotent Orb. Do not equip this item if you have it!
  • Skills that Null, Repel, or Absorb any elemental attack. A Persona’s innate Resistances are fine (Orpheus Telos Resists every element, for example), but avoid using any Persona with skills like Null Ice, Repel Elec, etc. This does not include your Infinity Fusion Spells; more on that, later.
  • Using the Armageddon Fusion Spell on your first turn. Gotta fight fair and square, first.
  • If you get the boss under 5,000 HP, they will start using Megidolaon every turn. There is no reason to do this, and with Armageddon in your arsenal, you won’t have to.

Be sure that your preparations won’t run afoul of these rules, or you’ll be turned into carpet lining for the Velvet Room. The second phase, however, is a different story — keep reading.

The Fight: Turns 1-4

The strategy to complete Persona 3 Portable Request 55.

The boss always follows a repeating, eight-turn attack pattern, regardless of your Difficulty setting. After turn 8, the boss will start from the top again. To break it down, here are the Personas and moves the boss will use on each of the first four turns…

  1. Surt – Fire (First turn/start of the battle)
  2. Jack Frost – Ice (Second turn)
  3. Thor – Electricity (Third turn)
  4. Cu Chulainn – Wind (Fourth turn)

Here, you’ll be contending with elemental spells, hence the need for a Persona that can resist every element. Even so, be sure to heal as needed; the attacks will still pack a punch, even with your resistances.

The boss will only be vulnerable to one element on each turn; when they use a Fire move with Surt, they’ll be vulnerable to Ice, so on. You’ll have one opportunity to strike with the elemental skill you’ve given Orpheus Telos, so plan accordingly. Be sure to use Mind Charge the turn before you attack to get the most out of its damage-doubling Magic boost.

The Fight: Turns 5-8

How to survive the Persona 3 Portable secret boss.

The next four turns in the pattern will be trickier. Say your prayers — here comes that Megidolaon!

  1. Metatron – Light (Fifth turn)
  2. Alice – Dark (Sixth turn)
  3. Nebiros – Status Ailments (Seventh turn)
  4. Masakado – Megidolaon (Eight turn)

Your stock of hapless Homunculi will come in handy on turns 1 and 2, protecting you from any possible insta-kills. Unshaken Will can protect you from any mental Status Ailments.

So, how to deal with the Megidolaon? Easy — block it by popping an Infinity Fusion Spell on your turn before it happens. This is why you want to bring at least ten of them, just in case. After turn 4, the battle will repeat starting in Phase 1.

Persona 3 Portable Request 55 – The Final Blow

Now, this is the clincher — every time you get the boss under 10,000 HP, they will use Diarahan to fully heal themselves on their next turn. This would create an infinite loop of pain, if not for your High Counter skill. You need High Counter to activate and deal damage to the boss on their turn to get them under 10,000 HP, while still giving you room to act before they fully heal. That, my friends, is why you need the calculator. If you’ve been keeping track of how much damage the boss is taking, you’ll know exactly when to perform the final step — that final step, of course, being Armageddon. 

When the boss is under 10,000 HP on your turn, slam dunk that Armageddon Fusion Spell right in their craw for 10,000 damage.

Deep Breath, Deep Breath — you won!

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