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Persona 3 Portable New Game Plus Guide: Does P3P Have NG+?

If you started playing Persona 3 Portable when it was released a few weeks ago, chances are you are pretty close to wrapping up your playthrough of the classic JRPG. You might be wondering whether or not P3P has New Game Plus, or a mode that operates similarly to it. Most of the Atlus titles do contain said mode. However, does this apply to the recent release of Persona 3 Portable?

Does Persona 3 Portable Have New Game Plus?

Does Persona 3 Portable have New Game Plus.

Yes, Persona 3 Portable does indeed have New Game Plus! This is a striking difference from Persona 3 FES, which does not contain the New Game Plus feature. This feature allows for you to carry over plenty of items, making a new playthrough much easier than if you were starting from scratch. While not all items are carried over, the important ones are, which makes your life much easier when fighting off enemies. The following items will carry over into a NG+ playthrough in P3P:

  • Money
  • Equipment
  • Level of Protagonist
  • Social Stats (Academics/Charm/Courage)
  • Persona Compendium
  • Max Social Link Items/Gifts

The following items will not carry over in a New Game Plus playthrough. It may make redoing some things tedious, but the stats and items carried over makes completing these tasks easier:

  • Personas
  • Party Member Levels
  • Inventory
  • Social Links
  • Elizabeth’s Requests

As you can see, there are plenty of things that will carry over in New Game Plus, while also leaving plenty of items/quests for you to complete once again. It’s a good compromise and allows for a new playthrough of Persona 3 Portable to be much easier and less time consuming. If you’re looking for more Persona 3 Portable guides, be sure to check out our guide on all classroom answers!

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