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Night Of The Dead Update Alpha Hotfix #078 Mar 13

Here are the patch notes for the Mar 13 alpha hotfix for Night of the Dead on Steam PC including bug fixes for a few minor issues

The Night of the Dead update for 13 March 2024 fixes some minor issues both visually and mechanically in Alpha Hotfix #078.


Night Of The Dead Ver.

Night Of The Dead
Night Of The Dead

If you encounter problems such as game crashes after the update, please check our general solutions first.


Night Of The Dead Bug Fixes

[Bug Fixed]
Fixed that some books were unobtainable.
Fixed that male characters would tear their legs when equipped with equipment that applied the Beginner’s Outfit skin.




Night Of The Dead Crash Reporting

Night Of The Dead
Night Of The Dead

Please send a crash report with specifics if a crash occurs.
If you have any problems, please send an email with the form below.
[Game Version]
[How to Replicate]
[Screenshot/Video if possible]

Email : [email protected]

If you send the save file too, it will be very helpful for verification.
The save files are in “%LocalAppData%\LF\Saved\SaveGames”.


That’s about it in this relatively small Mar 13 update to Night of the Dead.

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