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Sea Of Thieves Is It On Switch

Sea Of Thieves is no longer exclusive to the PC and the Xbox console family, but is it coming to Nintendo Switch?

Sea of Thieves released way back in March 2018 for the PC and Xbox One console, and has recently been announced for release on the PlayStation 5. But what about a Sea of Thieves release date for the aging Nintendo Switch?

UPDATED April 30


Sea Of Thieves: Is It Coming To Nintendo Switch?

Sea Of Thieves Gold
Sea Of Thieves Gold

The short answer is we don’t know for certain just yet, but all signs indicate that there’s a high probability. Microsoft appears committed to bringing its best games, even flagship titles, to rival consoles.

Sea of Thieves could certainly run locally on the Switch hardware, which was itself only a year old at the time of the game’s release. Graphically the game is cartoonish, and relatively low poly compared to many other more visually resplendent games already available on the Switch.

Cloud rendering on the Switch has also been fairly successful, with some graphical heavy hitters like Control, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, and Hitman 3, all available on the aging console. Sea of Thieves publisher Microsoft already runs a tried and tested cloud service of its own, dubbed Xbox Cloud Gaming, where games are rendered on actual console server blades. It isn’t beyond the realm of possibility for the technology to be used with Sea of Thieves.


Sea Of Thieves PS5 Release Date And Time


Having said that, of the four games announced for ‘other consoles’ by Microsoft—Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Pentiment, and Grounded—only the latter two were actually confirmed for the Switch.

With Sea of Thieves now taking the #1 spot for most pre-ordered game on the PlayStation 5, there is very likely an equally eager audience to be served on the Switch.




Sea Of Thieves: Rare’s Prodigal Return To Nintendo

Sea Of Thieves Chefs And Cannons
Sea Of Thieves Chefs And Cannons

Sea of Thieves developer was a prolific deve;opment studio for Nintendo games for decades, before slowing down somewhat, post-purchase by now parent Xbox Game Studios in 2002. Some of the Nintendo 64’s most critically and commercially successful games including Goldeneye 007, Perfect Dark, Banjo-Kazooie, and Conker’s Bad Fur Day were developed by Rare through the late 90s.

If Sea of Thieves does come out on the Switch, it will mark the fast time a Rare game has released on a Nintendo home console since Banjo-Tooie, 24 years ago, in 2000.


Sea Of Thieves PS5 Pre-Order Edition Buying Guide


That’s about all we know for now about Sea of Thieves releasing on the Nintendo Switch.

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